Nara and Osaka with Bob

I forgot to post these nara and osaka pics.

Mano's Cafe: we offer Intelligence, Excitement, and Infinite Dream. Kyoto.

Sento Kun, the mascot of Nara to celebrate its 1300th anniversary of formerly being the capital of japan for a while.

look at what you can win in this crane game. not anime toys but a kitchen set! This one is popular with the teens.

how many times do i have to tell you bob that no one wants to hear your thoughts on string theory. Even deer won't stand for it.

ah, wait, oh.......

we saw some girl get kicked in the back by a deer really hard. It got scared when she was squatting to take a picture and fell over so the deer behind her bucked up and kicked her square in the back. it was so awesome.

if you can crawl through this hole your wishes will come true.

This sign says Hello in Korean and I love you in Korean. That's kind of not cool and stupid. these are the two things people say to me when i tell them im korean.

this guy had a radio collar on.

hear is the part of the day i was waiting for. bob feeding the deer their deer cookies and getting raped by them.

they really ram their antlers in your balls don't they bob?

after nara it was a dash to osaka to see osaka castle before it closed. we made it.

2 ferocious samurai kids in the castle.

Bob and some Osaka ramen and the various huge store front mascots. Not a bad haul, three cities in 1 day.