Momma Raish in Tokyo - The Endings

we went to tsukiji. this sign is new. it says: They have no mannors, they take a picture without permission, i mistake by flash, i cannot go forward

I need to bring fishes to my shop fast. Oh! I must go there!

the guys in the market are too nice for the most part. I mean we are in their incredibly dangerous and narrow and busy work space taking pictures and looking like idiots and some of them even say sorry when passing you. and these guys even put their tuna cutting knives out for us to photograph.

after that was down the street to hamarikyu gardens. these things are for tanabata festival, you write your wishes on them.

Mt. Fujimi. Eleveation: about 3 meters.

look at this huge list of things that aren't allowed. this is Japan for you.

duck hunting blind. they would lure their domesticated ducks into a narrow canal by hitting a wooden block, the wild ducks would follow and then they would throw a net over all of them.

a huge aloe plant or something.

hey mom, trying to get a picture of a beautiful butterfly and flower only to have it ruined by a hideous smiling gorilla at the last second? hahahahah that's too bad.


the Tokyo Sealife Park

I could stare at saltwater tanks for hours.

that is the size of a bluefin tuna.

this guy crooned buddy holly songs for us on the bank of the lake in inokashira park while we were in a row boat. Anyway we crammed a ton of stuff into a week, most of it was not pictured here because you've seen it already. See you next year mom, wherever i end up.