Hakone and Beyond

Bob and I's last trip. We went to Hakone with Marco and boy was the weather awesome. Hakone is known for its Onsens and multiple modes of transporation. including buses, trains, switchback train, funicular ropeway, pirate ship, and buses. For those who want to know the romance car is like riding a train, big deal, the buses suck as all buses do. the switchback train is super slow and annoying and not worth it. the only 2 things that looked like they would be awesome and probably are are the ropeway and the pirate ship ride across the lake. by the time we got to these two in that leg of the journey the weather had gotten windy and stormy and they both were closed due to inclimate weather.

"Romance Car VSE Odakyu - Super Express 50,000" Yes, not just 5,000 but 50,000!!!!!

this and a few other trains i have been on have reversible chairs so you can sit with your buddies. To see what I mean Video Above

Never go to Hakone on the weekend in the summer or in nice weather. If you do you will experience a Hakone that is all about waiting and not about relaxation. You have to wait for everything on the weekends and everywhere is crowded.

this is the switchback train. it sucks and is slow and crowded. switchback means going up partway, then the train switches to another track right next to it to go up the mountain even more, thusly making a train be able to climb one side of a mountain without having to go round and round in loops till you get to the top.

Marco and Bob fighting the wind and this most awesome and totally not まずい weather, video below

the awesome lake and awesome pirate ship that we were supposed to do.

during the temperature dropping 40 degrees and wind and rain a blowin' bob stomped down into this puddle like Bill Murray in Ground Hog's day. it was kind of cool and would have been awesome had i not been freezing.

afterwards we had to ride more bus (oh how i rue the bus) and trek along to find this awesome Onsen. and boy was it awesome. it had multiple levels and was all outdoors. we even saw a yakuza guy with a fully tatooed body. it is the best onsen i've been to. Its called Ten Zan

this got mixed in there somehow but its a shot of that dancing festival.

bob is better at video games than me now. when we were kids i was superior but now since i have given up owning a tv and even watching tv basically and playing video games, bob is now the superior player. his hand eye coordination, memory, peripheral vision, hand dexterity, and problem solving all greatly surpass me in the area of video games. 15 yr old Jason would kick and shame 29 yr old jason if he could right now.

purikura sticker pictures.

bob was getting into decorating our sticker pictures. but can you guess who was REALLY getting into it? my mom. ill show you later.

What the H

China Cafe. just stick a red star on the mona lisa's forehead.

bob demanded karaoke. and since it was a week night there was no one else to fill his demand other than me. We went to karaoke for 2 hrs just the two of us. After that bob demanded more karaoke so we went to another place for another hr. it was like 4am when we got home. I learned that you do not get betwn bob and his Mic, just give him what he wants.

window room.

the second place we went to. we just got into the room and i looked up and saw this. for a split second i had flashbacks of that horrible night in Bangkok.

big bobby packing up all his toys.

in finally got this totoro bank. its 0-some

bob finally got his no-face bank. its o-some.

two charms bob got from fushimi inari in kyoto.

bob and his last day on meat. we had some messing mos burgers, the best of the japanese burger chains. cheer up bob, the meat will be waiting for you in HK next year.

Sayonara Bob. good to see you after 2 years. I better see you next year.


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