Bob's Tokyo Playground

maybe bob's friends will appreciate these photos of bob doing things he would never do.

sweet bob sliding down an octopus tentacle in ebisu.

after that, desipite bob's warnings of danger, we climbed down into that canal that runs from ebisu to my house and we walked home via that. it was interesting being the invisible scum of tokyo for half an hour down in that canal.

bob's gangster pose. how gansta is that? canal gangsta, thats how. you can't get more gangsta without actually being a Yakuza member.

bob didn't want to do this but i said bob just give the people what they want. so if you appreciate this photo and bob's effort let us know.

we drank with my old 53rd st. roomie vivi.

more of bob's big baby manness. he bought a $50 neon genesis evangalion Unit 1 figure. Actually i might buy one too. it is pretty quality. there are even some heavy metal parts on it.

this is the nicest pic you will ever get of the raish bros. for once we look like 2 fine chaps instead of bog monsters. not a bad backdrop either.

we had a drink with misa, ayako, and hikari and maro at some place in shibuya and in the bathroom stall there is a sign with the last train times posted up. oh japan.

hikari, ayako, misa, a Spaniard and 2 bog monsters

we went to a festival that turned out to be a dance festival. it was pretty awesome. too bad it was so g-darn hot that we didnt have the energy to join in. video below.

traditional japanese music is pretty close to hip-hop music.

don't see this very often

poor little bob was not 100% for probably the whole trip and required lots of time to try and sleep. he probably would have died if we climbed mt. fuji


Anonymous said...

I want to know if the yellow blob will be forcing Bob to take paternity tests? My wife wants Bob to know that it was very amusing and definitely worth the effort.

Richard "The Tech" G