Back in Toko with Bob

ema tablet i got from kinkaku ji in kyoto. this guy here is an inu hariko. doesn't look like a dog to me! anyway he has been on the blog before, inu hariko dolls are expensive and are given to expectant mothers so their child will be healthy or something like that.

some kind of art pack i got from Todai Ji in Nara. awesomeness. i love the use of reductive lines, meaning the lines look like they are scratched out

finally got some fox statues that you see on all the little shines at fushimi inari shrine in kyoto.

when we came back, little hiroshi was dead. this has happened a few times and he will perk up with water but this time there was no coming back.

bob's delicate baby legs meant that riding a bike around japan was not really an option but on this night we did ride around a bit and i don't know if you know it or not bob, but that night was a magical night of discovering things in tokyo that you should cherish forever. anyway we found this temple with this weird thing where bob passed into the gates of hell or something.

gayness bob. he was tickled pink by these windmill things in Ebisu for some reason.

ladies, enjoy

my chinese classmates at the front of the room. there are more of them but they were absent.

my old pal Yuri Ito, now Yuri Uchimura had a wedding. me and bob happen to have custom tailored suits we had made in china that we never got to wear and run around and be a-holes in. So we wore them, sweat a lot, but had a good time.

how badass are we? how?

these guys were all over bob, they were drunk and really gettin' in there. as soon as i got them talking to bob i ducked out so i could go talk to some girls. I got glares from bob and the awesome feeling you get when you leave your brother who doesnt speak japanese with 2 drunk guys of unknown sexual orientation that are loving said brother.

somehow when i bought tix for the ghibli museum i got monday ones instead of sunday ones. that meant we had a sad chihiro and fumika because they have to work on monday and couldnt come back. me, bob, and marco came back on monday and i almost lost my visa (i guess) because i was there instead of in class. instead we had to settle for rowboating in inokashira koen that sunday with the gals.

stained glass window from the ghibli museum. this is from princess mononoke.

a Kodama is a mythical japanese creature that lives in the forest. they were featured in Hayao Miyazaki's movie princess mononoke. they're heads shake and make a noise. this little guy i bought from the museum shop does too.

final tried pachinko. it sucks real bad. its real noisy, its real smoky, and its real expensive. it starts at 1000 yen ($10). you just turn this knob and balls shoot out and fall into various holes. after about 3 min all the balls are gone and so is your $10. it appears to take no skill at all but they say there are professionals who know how to time it and know where the hot machines are from day to day.

finally played the table flipping game. its not very satisfying to flip the table because it kind of stops the table from slamming when you flip it.

here the father has flipped the table over while a terrified wife and son look on. they have awesome slow mo replays in multiple angles and in matrix style. you get points by causing more monetary damage

this game is not very accurate. bob somehow was a bigger, badder, domestically violent a-hole than i was.