Mie days 1 and 2 summer 2010

fast forward 2 days later and its 7 am in the morning after a long long night of drinking and karaoke for my classmates sayonara party and we have to ride the bus to Mie prefecture to Fumika's house.

the guy on the left is using the sleeping hood properly, bob is not.

tea fields. first time i've seen tea fields.

the school girls in fumika's super small town have to wear these baseball helmet like things.

just another reason why fumika's mom is awesome. she is a school teacher and some of her students drew pictures of their dog or something so she put them inside the actual dog house!

this guy is something, not a mudskipper but what is it? its on the tip of my tongue. anyway i wore a towel with this guy on it around my head all day at the beach.

Gotenba Beach in Aichi prefecture. we were supposed to be clam digging but the tide was in so we couldn't so we just dug a hole.

fu-balls parents drove us there and then bounced out and went shopping.

another reason why fu-ball's mom is awesome, she is curious and inquisitive

tons of fools gold or something in the water that day.

ladies: how awesome would it be if this guy clubbed you over the head and dragged you home and mated with you? how awesome?

what's going on with the ocean here where you can scoop all of this out of the sand?

the haze lifed and when we turned around 3 hrs later this thing almost slapped us in the face.

get that spicy mustard "Ame-li-kan doe-gu" FuFu

Bob's Ultraman Drink Kamenlida!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a super prize winning picture in the arena of brotherhood because this might be the gayest picture of bob ever taken. fu-balls has a higher quality pic on her big camera so i can't post a detail shot until i get it from her.

by the time we got home from the Onsen in Mie (we went to the most famous onsen (hot spring) in Mie prefecture where I saw Bob's balls (more affectionately called bobby bits) and he saw mine for probably the first time in 20 years) there was this super super awesome self making sushi roll dinner ready for us. salmon, tuna, various meats, blue cheese, various veggies, pruchetta (what am i trying to say? i mean that paper thing italian pork stuff), those awesome chicken cutlet things with cheese and bitter leaf inside that fu-balls mom makes, and clam miso soup were all there.

Fu-nutz mom grading. Another reason she is awesome is cuz she is a real person and dislocated her arm after being tipsy and trying to get out of the tub.