Bob's Tokyo Beginnings

Since Bob is taking a little bloggy break I will sneak some of my posts in. So for those that don't know here are Bob's vitals:

Name: Bob Age: 26 Blood Type: none, he's a robot

Occupation: Math Education PHD canidate at some college in Colorado

Height: 5'11" maybe? Weight: 155 lbs (up 15lbs from eating meat according to Bob)

Origin: Canisteo, NY by way of Seoul, S. Korea

Special Abilities: Vegetarianism (does that count?), Analyzing the fun out of anything, Teaching, Math, Socks with sandals.

Interests: Basically everything that i'm not interested in. Except movies we loves movies.

Languages: Only English Previous Experience: Trips to various US locations, Trip to Paris, 1 month stay with brother; Jason Raish in Beijing, China

i fogot to take a pic of bob when he got here and was awake so i guess this will have to do. Poor guy was all tuckered out after 27 hrs of travel from the godforsaken lands of Albany to Seattle to the land of the rising sun.

we saw firemen in training under the bridge where the bartenders practice their cocktail shaker shows, kids play baseball, homeless guys live, if you want a complete sentence then sorry to dissapoint

the bounty bob brought me from the US. everything exploded in the plane. I have eaten all of this and have learned that its bad for you in large quantities. I mean yea for course i knew that but it took 2 years outside of the US to really realize how gross it is.

This is AKB 48, a pop music group. A mega concept by some perv producer who is probably rich now. He took 48 school girls ages 15-18 or something like that from each of the 48 prefectures or watever the 48 geographical divisions of japan are called. Would this fly in the US? presenting 15 yr school girls in swimsuits for all to oggle (child pornography is legal in Japan)? As a dude it makes you so confused because......

they present this.....and then........

they present this............ what's a red blooded guy supposed to think?

Also this is the ANA airlines commercial i was talking about Bob. This is 2 minutes with a horrible song but they play a 30 second version on the trains with a parting shot of a close up of a super cute girl in slow mo and it leaves you thinking two things:
1. This is an airline commercial, who is this supposed appeal to?
2. God I love Japan's sexist advertising (if you are a red blooded guy)