D,S,J,F Kyoto Day 2

a lot more people wearing kimonos just because in Kyoto, which is a welcome thing for me.

bikkle is like those tiny korean quasi yogurt drinks only you get a full sized bottle and 50% of your daily sugar in one go. it is oh so yummy though.

Fushimi Inari shrine. 3rd time to kyoto but first time here. I can't believe i missed this one. This is a must see for anyone that goes to Kyoto. Inari is the god of rice and foxes are his/her? messengers. here is one with the key to the rice grainery in its mouth.

filling out wishes on the backs of the wooden things that they hang up.

crazy photo, crazy place. the red highlights everywhere are just dying to be made into an illustration somehow!

tiny tori gates for placing on altars.

fu accepted a cup of tea that he shouldn't have. He probably thought they were just being nice Japanese people and giving him a cup of tea at this stop along the path to Edo

maybe number 3 on the list of sakura season magical moments. this tree in the middle of the zen garden at Ryoanji would shed a few petals every few minutes. the weather was warm, sunny, and we sat there for 10 minutes soaking it in. awesomeness.

Lonely Planet says this street is in the competition for most beautiful street in Asia. First time i came i didnt think so but those damn beautiful cherry trees really clean up nice.

everyone is destroyed back on the bullet train to tokyo. How much beautiful can you take in a day? i mean come on