D,S,J,F Kyoto Day 1

Bam! there it is the star of Maruyama Park and the area, the old weeping cheery tree in full bloom.

sakura season is such a magical time, it makes everything look better.

overlooking western kyoto

fu was all over this.

this girl was like a pro

i made up this fake japanese tradition if you catch a sakura petal then your wish comes true. debbie got her wish

fu and the skinniest door ever in gion

here is jennifer's pic that her kids will be in awe of when they get old enough to appreciate it and then they will feel bad for making their mom's life crap because she used to be so cool travelling to kyoto and hanging out in front of pagodas but now she is stuck changing their diapers and going to stupid PTA meetings. I don't think Salih, Fu, or I got a picture that our kids will think is so cool

we turned the corner and all of the sudden there were all these people with cameras. they were waiting for geishas/maiko to come down this street. This one came down the street, the flashes were flashing and then right in front of us she happened to pass this guy she knows, a client? one of her sisters clients? it was so surreal, even more than a movie, i mean it was like a movie but it was real life crazy! It's like she was more famous than Tom Cruise. CHECK THE VIDEO BELOW

back to Maruyama park for some Yozakura (nightime cherry blossom viewing, yes they even have a word for that).

how many magical moments can there be in Cherry blossom season? there have been a lot of magical moments but this is one is competing for the top spot along with that day in yoyogi park when me, salih, and fu were sitting in the sun, it was warm, everyone was happy, and all was right with the world. Here is the same, only a nighttime version. How amazing does this look?

the same guy at night, and still looks amazing.

me and D in front of that weeping tree. rhyme! why to smile downwardly like I do guy.

fish on sticks

this was a haunted house thing and there were a couple scary monsters dolls that would move in the front and then this cashier girl, but everyone that walked by was thinking is she part of the haunted house show (because she was so god aweful ugly and scary and not smily)? Anyway i'll start packing my things and head down to hell now.

back at the ryokan. Iroha Ryokan for anyone that reads this is recommended by all of us and Bob you and me are gonna stay here too. this is a 3 or 4 person room. lots of futons and blankets that are basically the same thing so fu ended up passing out under a futon and almost slowly compressed himself to death. this place was pretty decent and the room was about 8,000 yen ($85) total! they have too hot tubs too that were not too hot which was nice.