Shibamata to Koiwa

took a sunday trip to shitamachi land. pretty far out, have to cross a couple rivers. the area btwn these two stations was recommened somewhere online, maybe i didnt wander around the right area because it was all just residential or stripmalls and car dealerships. If there was lots of coolness, i missed it.

this trainline the Keisei something or other is only three stations long and is part of the reason that it costs 5$ to get here. $5 is also part of the sting

it says Karaoke and Benihana, what is going on here? i cant read the rest.

lots of weird structures and different stuff around this part of town, just most of it was not awesome/cute/interesting/cool so meh.

this cool guy was in the opposite window

is this really still in service? the battery vending machine that time forgot. and it was $3.20 for 2 of those crappy cheapest panosonic batteries in the world AA batteries.

long litterally blue collar work duds flapping in the breeze

sad looking housing

kanji that i know but cant read all together.

expensive korean restaurant i stumbled upon near my house.