Mid March - The week in Review

its so damn expensive to travel inside of japan so no one could go anywhere and i need to save money for when my friends come, then bob comes for 3 weeks, then my parents after that. so in lieu of a vacation i am taking the 3 week "conversation" class that is voluntary at our school. they make us put the desks in circles now. i forgot to mention that just like the school and just like everything else in japan the desks are sooooo small. about every 5 minutes someones books whill spill off onto the floor. its dangerous to even lean on the desk. there is room for about 1 book and 1 pencil if you put them flush next to each other.

expensive koi nobori. like $100 each

I am in love with this chain restaurant called Sukiya. they have the cheapest prices and probably are the most unhealthy. this is the same place where you can make the bootleg halal lamb on rice cheese faux NYC street food bowl complete with white sauce aka some kind of fatty dressing. with their menu i could come here everyday for a month and eat something new. pictured here is a 540 yen set ($6). i know i know is $6 really cheap Jason? well it is for tokyo.

my roomate naoki brought back a few cartons of Lemon milk which is a famous miyage to get from Tochigi. at first i was like um..... i hate milk and lemon milk sounds even worse. then one day he was in the kitchen and said to try some so i had to and i was pleasantly surprised to find that it is like drinking liquid lemon icecream. sooooo delicious and not like lemon at all.

hashimoto sensei. these poor teachers. they work about 12 hrs a day 6 days a week most of them and they even have these cleaning days where they all have to wear these school sweat shirts and clean the school.

i mean they really have to clean it

Including all the slippers that have been worn for months by us dirty gaijin scum

we went over how to describe someone's face today and these were the educational aids, some of which look like they have been used since the 80's hence the Mikhail Gorbechov, George Bush Senior, Some american thats only famous in japan, and Sly Stone.

marco and this 18 yr old taiwanese guy that doesnt want to be here doing an exercise with much enthusiasm in class.

Marco with his hand all up in mega superstar singer Namie Amuro

what is up with lolita style? what are the girls motivations or hangups or/why are they so f'ed up or do they hate their fathers or wats going on there. if someone has a good link to article about this fire away. this is quasi lolita style according to my friend.

watching this thing bounce is like watching the red bouncing ball in old school sing along song videos, its so bouncy and jarring that there's no way you can get lost. her lolita skirt said in yellow wrap around letters "how are the biscuits?" in french. They were delicious. try one yourself, hit play

this is Shirako. its on weird japanese food lists all the time. its fish genitalia, with fish sperm inside. it has a weird texture but im sure its packed with protein.

Yuba, tofu skin. its the skin that congeals at the top of tofu when they make it, you know like on the top of tomato soup. delicious.

Whale meat. Yes whale meat. i've been wanting to try it too. but if you must know my friends said that it is super rare that they ever eat this.

we went to a place with my roomates friend and she is like a tokyo guide so this is probably real whale meat (you have to watch out cuz i guess they try to pass off dolphin meat as whale meat in some places). it was kind of like beef actually. a little chewy like beef. it was weird because you're thinking fish but you're eating beef. it was good though and probably super protein packed.