March Mambo

Two things i forgot to mention about last month:

1. I saw a helicopter lifting off the rooftop of one of the embassies in my neighborhood. If i was 12 yrs old i would think it was so cool that some diplomat was being airlifted back to his country

2. There was a small earthquake that woke me up one day for about 10 seconds. I'm glad Japan is prepared for earthquakes.

Daikanyama apartments


Mr. Friendly Cafe somewhere in Ebisu. Is Mr. Friendly an American creation?

Billboard flourecent bulb changing

the bus to Ageha, the biggest club in tokyo. yes there is a special bus to take you there. and yes you can drink on the bus.

The Sapporo girls, Johnson and Kyo-chan are party animals and love Ageha. Akari on the left is less of a party animal. Sorry Akari but you just don't love Ageha as much as these two.

the ageha ticket window and the point at which they said you can't take cameras inside. Ageha is the first club where in tokyo i have gone to where they do proper body searches. I wasn't very happy about having to check my camera so there are no pics from inside. It's pretty big, and basically looks like a big roller derby and has an outside "pond" where lots of people were dancing to reggae. and a few of the songs, somehow every Japanese person knew how to do some little dance to and it was weird and wonderful.

Johnson got too much party and ended up here and the night was over. Ageha is cool but it is far away from central tokyo so it makes going home on the first train even more of a not so awesome thing.

sunday night, Marco did a live painting thing at this bar in Ikejiro Ohashi. there is a music label called Colors and they make weird/interesting electronic/etc... music. there were lots of members there. It was basically a nerd party with nerds making music, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, or a good thing. this fat sweaty guy had his turn. he was like the inspector gadget of sound making. he kept whipping out different pieces of technology all synced to his laptop. here is is pressing buttons on some light up pad. later he brought out some weird electronic cello like thing.

Katsuya, the lover of visual rock music is in hell right now. the electo cello guy has some kind of motion sensor strapped to his cello bow hand. Katsuya has no recourse but to sit there for 20 minutes and take it all.

a quasi Mori girl bouncing around and wailing into a microphone while electronic music blares(it was really loud down there) and a guy bangs on a djembe drum.

marco and his live painting in progress. an interesting experience