you can buy caloriemate in the vending machines

a magnolia

a weird statue in one of the halls. whats the deal with this

purple icecrem was everywhere. made out of purple sweet potatoes

and other purple sweet potatoes products like this sweet potatoe croque. yummy

one Jingja had Tengu all over the hill at the top. Tengu are mythical creatures that used to be human but turned into a crow basically. they used to be viewed as evil and soul stealers but now are seen as the protectors of the forest.

the big attraction in Kamakura.

there big sandals are not a big attraction.

a selection of fried goodness at this place.

double decker train. Anyway if you've been to Kyoto and Nara there is no way that Kamakura can offer you anything else except for a break from Tokyo. So i can't really recommend it for anything more than that.


Kristen Owen said...

Hey Jason- they have the weird purple sweet potato here in the Philippines as well. The Filipino's call it UBE and it's delicious when mixed with loads of sugar to make cakes, tarts and ice cream. Yum. I eat it all the time. Totally addicted.

Any chance you'll be able to jet down here to the islands this year? Welcome to crash w me :)