Hanami in Yoyogi Park

A daruma thing i bought in Kamakura, you're supposed to write your wishes on the back and hang it up in the designated area at shrines.

the first time i've noticed one of these places in a back alley in shibuya. gambling is illegal in japan so Pachinko parlors here are technically for entertainment only. the balls that you win or watever they are can be taken to these places and exchanged for money so technically you're just exchanging balls for money via a third party business.

they put me and vivi in this closet sized thing at this izakaya. actually a closet is bigger than this.

Marco doing another live painting/drawing thing at this event with traditional indian music and sitars and stuff.

Roppongi Hills. this was on roppongi hills art night.

lone cherry blossom branch next to a construction site.

Rockabilly guys in Yoyogi park. they are here on the weekends rocking out. its weird and you can't really know how weird unless you watch the video below.

it was so cold this day. It put a damper on things. People still got sloshed and jolly though. I'm sure a lot more would have and it would have been a lot more fun if you didnt have to keep thinking about how cold you were. I'm sure this is an awesome and joyous time when it is warm.

We ended up meeting with another group from our school. and then it was too cold so we went to karaoke where most people got good and happy.