February Fun Factory

Seriously has there ever been a more fun February ever? This month just caught fire and the flames of fun never stopped burning. I even managed to do a lot of work. things can't stay this goodforever.

some shots of the classroom.

marco on his sweet ride. he rides this thing 20 km from Chofu.

this street. the street outside our school. years from now i will look at this picture and miss the sound of the train crossing bell, the multiple babies pushed around in pink cages exactly at 4:30 everyday, and the flock of chinese and korean students running away from the school as fast as possible.

this thing doesn't even sell cigarettes i dont think.

and what is up with this campaign? they are using a satellite image of a destructive force that destroys Louisiana and the southern US, south east asian, and even their own country. and now they want to bring that same awesome destruction into your mouth and lungs yeah!

pecha kucha night tokyo. i presented at this event in beijing. its for artists/architects/designers/various weirdos. they have chapters all over the world.

this was in japanese. there were like 10 crazy girls, i don't know what they were doing.

tokyo ale. not bad.

Marco's house. this pic does not really show how skinnny this is. a lot of americans would not be able to enter his house unless they were lifted in through the window via mini crane.

spanish omelet time. i've never seen this made before. i learned that it uses over a liter of olive oil though. and that is why it is so irresistibly tasty. its about 6-8 eggs, potatoes, onions, and probably some seasonings. there are also deluxe ones with mayonnaise and ham that he has made before.

there was supposed to be a student party that someone at our school organizes from time to time. only it was cancelled and i guess only me and my sensei (teacher) didn't know about it. I didn't want to go because I knew that this bar was going to be the sh!!ttiest bar in the world because it's in the scum area of roppongi and boy was i right. all foreign waiters/waitresses, all dancing and clapping and trying to make the place hoppin' when its just a dark sad scum foreigner bar. there were some old gross indian guys dancing provocatively. there was waitstaff trying to get you to buy drinks all the time. there were lots of guys in suits. but my sensei was having a good time. he is a funny and goofy guy all dancing around. One young waiter jerk was trying to sell us a try of shots. i asked him how much and he said 1000 yen ($11). i asked him what they were and he said Kahlua and Baily's. i said get these out of here these are the sh!ttiest shots in the world and you know it. he wasn't very happy about that.

there were also a few girls that passed through there that knew the staff and obviously work either there or somewhere of dubious quality. this girl had on a big puffy jacket, a short catholic girl skirt, and huge sneakers. and ever now and then she would bust out some provocative booty shaking moves for about 10 seconds as if she was practicing or something because she definitely wasn't doing it for attention. anyway this place has left a dirty ring around my eyeballs that not even acid could blast out.

then as i was riding my bike i saw this place in front of my house that i have only seen open on fridays. it always looks like a private party so i just keep going. but this time i said hey that bar in roppongi was so bad maybe i can semi salvage the night. turns out its not a private party and it really is only open on fridays. weird and cool. so everyone was friendly and they started buying me drinks and i ended up very inhiberated. there were even two people that work at my roomates ad agency so i called her and she came over for some fun times too. wat a weird fun random friday night.

the place is owned by this guy and his wife, that deadbeat, she was no where to be seen, leaving this guy to piggyback two kids make food, and serve drinks to everybody. he did it like a pro.

bad idea. this tastes horrible. it tastes like if you drank straight gatorade syrup undiluted with water. i said this to shintaro and he said he loves this drink.

a cute girl in front of hachiko with huge sneakers and black tights. she didnt bust out booty shakin moves randomly every so often.

at UNIT a club in daikanyama. its big for japan. and this night doors didnt open until midnight. the draw? DJ Krush! i have know his music for years in the states so it was awesome to see him play. the music was hot, everyone was there for the same reason, vibes were good. it was super crowded but everyone is so polite here it wasn't really a problem.

marco, his friend from spain, and my roommate

this photo was not composed. magical awesomeness aligning in the night. anyway we stayed till like 5 am. even downstairs the music was the bomb. he did a thumpin remix of Method Man's bring the pain for like 20 minutes. Ok so that's it. Feb is over. Let's see what march can bring. I have a 3 week break in 9 days so i think it will be bringing a lot of fun!