Birthday Tyme tokyo 2010

Some academic stuff first.

this is the pretty useless text book we use. its the sendagaya institute book.

the kanji book. supposed to learn two pages a day. haven't been doing it.

listening book.

been using the japanese keypad on my phone a lot recently

the easiest thing ive done in japan is get a bank account at this foreigner friendly bank. there is no money in it.

rosie the riviter 50's pink girls hoodlum neo skeleton girl in harajuku

free smoking space in shibuya with what looks like music stations amongst other things. don't know whats going on here because the square meter real estate prices in center gai have got to be super high.

look who it is! jennie from hong kong.

don't know what these are.

in ginza, for some reason every waitress here spoke mandarin chinese, but it's a japanese salaryman izakaya. i went here with my taiwanese classmate that knew about this place and some other classmates. i like this kind of basement drinking place. as you can see its almost all salarymen after work.

the first toilet of this kind i've seen in tokyo this time around.

my birthday. i had to make it right after our 4:30 class or else we would lose a lot of the scared/shy/non social classmates. After class we marched to this izakaya in shinjuku with 150 yen beer. we ate and drank there for over 5 hours and everyone only had to pay 2000 yen ($24). Here is a good shot of my classmates trying to communicate with each other. we have spanish, korean, chinese, american, japanese represented here. Our japanese is not good enough to have a conversation yet so its hard for all of us to communicate. but we'll get there!

that yellow thing that is as big as my head is a grapefruit! it was my bday present from my classmate's sister. what a birthday gift. luckily my roomate was going home so he took it with him or else i would have been dancing with a grapefruit in the club all night.

everybody loves yuri ito! anyway it was on to karaoke afterwards and then on to a club after that, and then home at 6am. So thats a wrap for tokyo bday 2010

some presents i got from buddies. including nice chopsticks and case, giant grapefruit, frame, Micheal Jackson movie "This is It", japanese children's book, and paper doll

running i saw this structure. the architecture in japan is pretty fresh. i mean the new buildings, of course these old ones are fresh to my eyes.

international cooking party at Mi Yong's sisters house in Kawasaki. she has a rule that everyone has to wash their feet when they come into the house. She is going on a trip this weekend so i said that we should have a party and before i come in i'm gonna stomp around in dog sheit outside first then come party.

there was no meat mallet so i used my kung fu snake hands to tenderized the meat via deadly venomous snake strike at least 1 million times per second.

on the way to see Kohei play live at a club in Daikanyama. Seoul and Sapporo meet.

after the show it was snowing and i was all bewildered like a mother lover. i ended up walking home from Daikanyama after going the wrong way basically. first time it's been cold enough for snow this winter.

who cares about this photo jason you might say. buuuut the table is set up so its all the way in the corner so there is only room for one person to sit on the other side where Ai is sitting. just an interesting tight space situation

went to a private screening of "The Cove" a documentary about the whale and Dolphin industry and especially about the fishing town of Taiji in Japan. it was in this super nice apartment with a 180 degree baywindow living room overlooking shinjuku. we watched the dubbed in japanese version so i couldnt understand anything they were saying. the guy holding the case has actually been to that cove. he talked for 5 min before the start of the movie and I didn't know what he was saying. I had the feeling that they were presenting this as american anti japanese propoganda and that i was going to get beaten up after the movie. but turns out they are against the needless dolphin killing, so i didn't get harpooned.

today is Setsubun in japan, or the start of spring. you throw roasted soybeans at people wearing oni (demon) masks. here one of our teachers came into the room and we all got to throw beans at him. I threw mine pretty hard. poor guy.

tengenji bashi intersection near my house. looks like the tokyo marathon will go by here?