Best of 2009 - Part 3

Part 3 of the best of 2009

between Da Tong and the Hanging Monastery in Shanxi province China. Cave dwellings used during WWII to hide from Japanese bombs. across the road were dirt houses. a few had satellite dishes attached to them.

Me at the Army hospital in Beijing because i used one of those ear scoopers a little too zealously. it was dirty and scary and their prognosis was that everything was fine.

moving out of china was a nightmare. they literally handle all of your belongings no matter where you go wether it be the post office, fed ex, EMS, or even here...why am i at the actual loading dock of the airport! You wouldn't believe what i had to go through to get this extra suitcase sent along as unaccompanied baggage.

I worked like a mad man for 3 months, made an incredible amount of money to move to Japan and now its all gone. Here are two piece i did for Yahoo! the only requirement was that i use a the Yahoo! pantone color and include their purple chair.

finally, i moved to Tokyo Japan. land of running into random festival processions.

and stumbling upon random shrine festivals. awesome.

at the Yasukuni shrine, a shrine for Japanese war heroes. Here is a mini kamakazi plane that would be released from a bigger plane with only 9 seconds of fuel inside

my tokyo bike

Shinjuku Koen, the finest grass i have ever laid on

saw Staten Island at the TIFF, the tokyo international film festival, writer turned director James DeMonaco fielded some questions.

Design Festa at the Tokyo Big Site was so fun. Me and Fumiko just registered for the next one in May!

first time seeing a shi shi dance

Halloween is fun in Tokyo

fish market in Nagoya

Genmai Tea, my fave in japan so far

visit to Mie, Fumika's home town

Miso Katsu, fried pork cutlet with miso sauce, amazing

trip to kyoto to see the fall leaves

finally started painting again.

painted this new year's card

regualar fried pork cutlet at Maisen, the finest i have ever had!

hit by a taxi while jogging, in the hospital for 4 days. escaped with a tiny skull fracture and a few stitches. lucky to be alive, i must get inspiration out of this.

new new bonsai tree.

painting of my roomate for his birthday.

tantanmen ramen, sesame based soup amazing.

So that's it for 2009! Lets hope 2010 is a healty, happy, experience filled year! Thanks to everyone who has been with me this year reading this blog, you're part of what keeps me going.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jason. I especially like the quasi-face-taxi art you did, I really felt it deep down. We still talk about our little lost Jason in the Library at FIT. Miss ya! Lookin forward to more laughs this year.

Richard "The Super Tech"