Yurakucho Bike Ride

hung out with one of vivi's high school friends, katsuya. He loves heavy metal and is a drummer, slayer is his fav. here he is shopping for double kickdrum pedals.

he says with these he can do 16 bass drum hits in 1 second, you just wail away on these things with both feet

in front of A-Life, a club in roppongi

such a place does exist in tokyo, its just at the top of a hill i never want to climb again on a bike

maybe the part of the imperial moat wall

I had goals on this sunday:

1. ride bike and see the city - success

2. peruse the Odeo antique fair that supposedly has tons of cool old crap - fail - because by my luck it happened to not be this 1st sunday like it says it is, it was just a regular crappy market

3. give Ai these g-damn mooncakes i've been holding on to for so long - fail - because she was sleeping

4. see the parade floats in the Marunochi building - success

5. eat noodles at the Hibiya Patio "matsuri" - fail - because you have to wait in line for so long.

Bonus points though for getting to try dango and getting lost a lot and learning the city a lil more

something dango, rice cakes with something on them. delicious

more rice cakes, i guess these are mochi, i dont know what dango is but i will find out

i dont know why they dress up the Marunochi employees as red barret special forces members

so this was called the Chiyoda Edo Matsuri. I don't know why they call it a matsuri, it was not a festival at all, it was a display in the huge Marunochi building. I am gonna start slappin' matsuri on the end of everything i do so it makes it sound awesome. I'm gonna go participate in my own personal laundry matsuri right now.

these are all parade floats from different areas of japan. i am really feelin' this archer and archery and stuff in general, i think its gonna make an appearance in one of my illos.

i have seen this kind a lot, wonder what the deal is

look at this monstrosity, i would cry if i had to make this. it would be my lifes work

"london" party bus

do they mean the sweet sweet, green perfectly maintained grass that you're not allowed to step on? because i dont remember seeing any shelters. and they would all be filled with homeless people, which i saw lots of laying on that sweet sweet grass. Anyway what a poetic map

this crow was pretty ballsy. i have to study them more cuz im gonna use them in an illo.

im a fan of this color yellow. nice one guy keep up the good work. seconds later around the corner i saw another girl wearing the same ones. -1 point

the old store in a shipping container trick

this was the "grand tsukemen matsuri". see what i mean about using the word festival for everything? i guess you could call this a festival if you really stretch it, basically they were selling different kinds of noodles from all over japan. I have noticed that japanese people will wait in line for something for a long time if its something good. like 2 hrs for crispy creme doughnuts. i bet these noodles were good too but i said F it i am not waiting for that. there were different lines for diff noodles.

something unique to japan/asia, tables upon tables of people eating nothing but noodles. I guess i would be equally amused it if were tables upon tables of people eating hot dogs at some hot dog matsuri.


Fumiko Yoshioka said...

Dango is 3 or more small rice cake balls on the stick.

Check this out! It was the famous song for dango!


Jung Eun said...

Crows are so scary..
doves in Korea are just gross but crows..