November about town

two interestingly phrased signs

violin maker

this ad on the subway looks like its circa 1930-40

this is a typical meal for me now in tokyo. curry, rice, pickled delights, pickled plums, miso soup

Fumika's mom gave me this tea pot. now i dont have an excuse for being lazy and just throwing loose leaves in a mug and drinking it.

a scooter fairy. she asked if she cut us in line. i took a picture of her.

went to the design festa gallery yesterday and was greeted by this parade of weirdos, drummers, trumpet players, and more weirdos. it looked like they were having a g-darn good time

awesome charcoal drawings

and the youtube hiphop voilin guy was playing too. only there was no dj or hip hop he was doing various indie sounding stuff and singing too. he is pretty darn good. his name is paul something.

went to this okinawan izakaya, cool inviting place

drank some kind of sake out of this thing that has a little sake thing nested in side of hot water.

these candy jelly things have a warning on the label now saying that kids and old people shouldn't eat these cuz lots of them have choked on these.