Mie Day 3

view from Fumikas bathroom window. Small town japan

went to Mount Gozaisho with Fumika and her mom. its the highest mountain in Mie Prefecture at 1,200 something meters. i liked this poster design.

nice gondola. i felt a lot safer on this one than on ones in china for obvious reasons.

fu man chu and her mom

why is this guy copying me?

the highest point in Mie. only the surrounding tops looked higher. who knows.

a pretty bad spelling offense

Fumikas mom started skipping down this hill like a sprightly deer so I followed suit.

there were some more extreme mountain climbers

went to eat soba at this nice place afterwards then we went to the supermarket where fumikas mom educated me about japanese food. so nice

there is gold inside this pop for dinner. Oden.

various fishcake things, eggs, carrots, potoatoe like things, konyaku, etc...

and oden-kun! remember that character on the poster in fumika's bathroom that her mom hung up? here he is in real life and he is delicious.

small town japan's old station and benches

in Nagoya people were so delighted by these holiday lights.

Miso Katsu heaven "Yabaton"

asked if these doorway curtain was available for sale and they asked and said no, i need to find a cool doorway curtain and this would have been perfect.

beautiful beautiful miso katsu. it's a fried and breaded pork cutlet topped with special miso sauce, its one of the famous Nagoya foods and i was looking forward to it the whole time and it was amazing!

the same only its a "roast" cut teppan style (on that hot plate)

bye bye fu fu see you next time. thanks for showing me Mie!