Meiji Jingu Shrine Autumn Grand Festival Day 2

I woke up early to go see Aikido and other martial arts demonstrations at 9 am and Horseback archery in the afternoon.

small girl or woman flipping two dudes.

there were tons more martial artists than wat is shown here warming up and wandering about.

i like the guy with the white beard and vest.

saw the horse back archery practice. Its called Yabusame. they ride by and shoot at three targets total.

was pretty cool to see, and feel the ground rumble as the horses run by. you can feel the raw power. getting chased down by one of these guys in the old days must have been terrifying.

the bows followed by a box of arrows

older woman fighting a guy.

guy with sickles

i must say i was really dissapointed in all the demonstrations. They were very safe, they were either no contact or very light contact. i mean like guys getting flipped over and people not even touching them, i guess just flipping over by themselves to show what could happen. but i want to see the real deal! almost all the demonstrations were btwn old guys. i only saw a few younger guys doing their thing.

i saw people waiting out side this tent later on and the tent was closed off. maybe they were waiting for it to open up for a chance to buy these flowers i think?

interesting round petals

im diggin these cabbages and the pink

i wondered over to this area to find this dance going on. dont know what this guy is, i think a fox. this dance was awesome. he was doing weird fox like stuff while the band played hipnotic headbobbing music.

at first it was the fox and the big red lion called shishi dancing on either side of the stage. looked like they were both doing their own thing. later on a little lion came out with a wee kid underneath. they kind of swayed their heads back and forth to the beat which was pretty catchy.

sometimes they would flail their head about.

the music in the dance was awesome. i could totally see someone sampling it for hip hop beats. the lions swaying back and forth and this music were hypnotizing.

the kid that was manning the little lion. he sat down next to me in front of the stage with some yaki soba noodles, his mom came along to eat up all the gari (the red ginger stuff) cuz he doesn't like it.

guys smashing the sheit out of some rice that talked sheit about their mommas. rice that does that gets turned into rice cakes sprinkled with something that people wait in line for for 20 min.

there were beautiful simply beautiful veggies and other produce and crops displayed randomly. i dont know whats going on cuz isnt it too late for harvest festival time?

on the right is rice but on the left i dont know. do you know your food in the field?

a whole tent with beautiful produce lined up, there were no prices listed either. what gives? are these just offerings or something?

veggie boat. later i would see this woman and her son that i met in Yoyogi park the 2nd day i was in tokyo. she told me if i was lucky i could win free veggies, i just had to collect the 5 stamps and drop that raffle slip in the box and wait til 1:30 pm. maybe that is where all the veggies go, but still i dont know why they're on display in the first place. i had work to do so i couldnt wait til 1:30 and i only got one stamp anyway. i would love a bag of the most beautiful vegetables i've ever seen.

green tea tent. i got my mom a bag, it was yummy

bees on a honeycomb.

more performances on stage, now all done by kids. its funny with these masks and how they were dancing, it just looked like freestyle time, and like they were all really performing for the crowd trying to do their freshest moves. kid in the middle looks like hes doing the superman. he wasn't but it all looked pretty funny.

dude in red looks like hes passin the mic to dude in the middle who is doin word up next to dude in white who is doin the ey yo finger point. hahahah. and debbie if you're reading this doesnt dude in blanco look like benny blanco? i mean the gesture cuz benny doesn't have a pink face with a permanent red smile face on it.

silk worm things

girl squeezing the crap out of a chick at the chick station.

some kind of archery ceremony

taiko drum performance by young girls. this was hypnotizing as well. i can't wait to see a big taiko drum performance cuz even this one gets your blood moving.

what cool thing are these guys waiting to do?

dude on a small ATV in shibuya

the little brige over the canal before my house had a crane, another large weird bird and a huge shoal of some kind of fish. so weird and cool that there is this kind of life going on in the heart of tokyo. i see cranes in there every day now so i guess that is their spot. anyway hooray for festivals