Halloween Tokyo 2009

So due to the fact that i just moved here and that halloween is not big in Japan i was unable to get a halloween plan together let alone a costume, so i had to just wear my old gatchapin suit at the last minute. I went to a couple clubs with one of my new roomates.

poor kid. this is wat elementary school girls have to wear.

seating chart that looks like a board game at a Hokkaido restaurant in shibuya. looks like a bad idea because it was sitting out where anyone could brush up against it and cause seating order mayhem.

so this would never fly in NYC. this guy is asking for it. but here its totally fine, he is not even a bad offender, i have seen lots of guys with these large man wallets that are almost falling out of their pockets. what do you call these things? they are like what women carry in the US. Its amazing how much crime is not a problem here.

in taxi on the way to somewhere in roppongi hills. the cheerleader is my roomates friend. I love the loooon crotch on these suits

these girls are not that slutty but as in the US, halloween is just a time where girls dress as slutty as possible which is great for guys.

this picture is more interesting than it looks. These girls are basically "shibuya girls" ditzy dolled up japanese girls. they are in their own shibuya universe, what do they know of my world/america? They are even further out in the universe than other japanese people because they are in their own little ditzy plastic girl niche. this is east meets west in such a weird way. Here i am waiting online to get in some club and then here are these two girls behind me that have no idea. no idea.

On another note one of my roomates friends bought these rice cracker snacks and gave them to me while we were waiting on line. The shibuya girls said they're called "happy town". I gave them some and they kept saying "I love happy town!!!!". Then i looked at the package later and saw it says "happy tongue" cuz they are kind of shaped like tongues. So they were really saying "I LOVE HAPPY TONGUE!!!!!". hahhahhaa. I gave them a lot of happy tongue. that sounds bad. hahaha

there were a few gatchapins out. there was one with a lot of his friends around him cheer for him or something so i went up and did my droopy sad charlie brown walk and one girl was very violently saying something like "ITS OK OTHER GATCHAPIN WE LOVE YOU TOO" and pretty much punching me a few times. hahahah. i wish i had the time to make a proper costume.

this girl was fun after she stopped shooting me and everyone else in the face. But i would do the same. Actually when i got the gun from her i kept gun butting her friend in the head and teaching them how to throw ya gunz in tha air!

subway near my new apt. there are only 2 employees instead of 5 like in china.

near my house. awesome. a fancy schmancy restaurant right next to a little mcdonalds. i love it. It looked like this guy in his suit was watching people walk into McDonalds all night long and not into his super expensive restaurant. could this kind of real estate thing happen in NY?

night rider like thing in the middle of the road.

In the living room of my new apt. this light bulb cost 7000 yen ($77) but they have been using it for 4 yrs. i love its huge and awesome incandescent glow. more apt fotos soon. Anyway next year i vow to make halloween in tokyo good. This time was fun but it could be even more fun with the right costume. ie a huge bulking painful cardboard cutout costume of some japanese cartoon character.


Jung Eun said...

you had fun! I stayed home with my mom visiting seoul ㅋㅋ