Urban Shrines

crazy right wing supporters. this is the first time i've seen a line of their vans stretching over a block long. they have loud speakers on their vans shouting out watever right wing supporters shout out.

a mouth of turin or watever its called on the side of shibuya no one ever goes to. made famous in the movie Roman Holiday staring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

riding along and suddenly bam. another shrine in the middle of this crazy compact city. this was was especially nice.

it says "Japan Productivity Center" in english up there. that's like what all of Japan is, one giant productivity center.

then right across the street is this. probably one is a shrine and one is a temple. still must learn the diff.

ashtray at the shrine or temple

this sign is interesting, i see glimmers of a smart thought mixed in with the poor english but i dont know.

more examples of every inch being utilized. i bet two SUV's couldn't fit in there.

another random shrine or temple on the ride home. im still fresh so i still think its cool to see these randomly

tons of people wore masks before swine flu. don't know if tons wore them before sars. but tons wear them now, so many there are ads like this on the subway.

went for a drink at this bar with Hiroko. i have seen a bunch of bars where the door is 4" tall. don't know why. probably wouldn't fly in the US with firecodes.

shibuya chuo gai area. first floor ramen shop. 2nd floor porn dvd shop. 3rd, 4th?, 5th - interesting, its for girls, they call that number to meet guys, of course in a dirty fashion. above that was a "telephone club" where you go and there are phones and you call girls i guess that will come meet your or something scandalous like that. And the list goes on!

Hiroshi has some orange leaves now. i hope its because hiroshi is a decidous tree and its fall, not because he has been a bad boy and is dying. also i dont know if Hiroshi is a bonsai or not. Anyway he is aging gracefully at this point.

there are tons of people that hand out packets of tissue with their ad printed on the back, probably even more so than just straight up flyers. this one has a face mask in it.

maybe i will wear it when i get the flu so i can be considerate like all the other Japanese and keep it to myself. maybe, maybe not.


porn blu ray said...

the porn store in the 2second floor ist strange :-)