Sushi Party Saturday

Went to a little sushi party at Shintaro's friends house, somewhere btwn Shinjuku and Nakano. nice neighborhood, lots of veggie stores. we went to at least 6 different stores to get all the stuff. Saw tons of stuff i've never seen before, tons of fish and fish products too

most of yall have seen ginger before, but have you ever seen it before the green gets cut off? me neither!

perfect chrysanthemum flowers, just like all the produce in japan, everything is perfect, no bruised or rotten fruit to be found. where do all the bad ones go? and is this why its so expensive?

chestnut guy. waited for 10 min while they were still cooking.

salmon? thawing i guess. actually i dont know what this is cuz i would think they would have just gotten fresh salmon when they bought the other fish.

konyaku, made out of potatoes but has a texture like fishcake or some kind of ricecakey dimsum dish. was served with some amazing beef soup thing that cooked for 2 hrs in soy sauce, sugar, sake, and something else

shintaro shredding daikon (japanese radish)

they bought a fat sack of japanese candy. this is katsu candy. katsu is a fav of mine (usually pork) cuz its a fried cutlet of meat, and who doesnt like fried meat? this candy was def weird. imagine eating fried chicken candy. obvs its not real meat and wasnt sweet so it was like synthetic katsu which is weird. chestnut shells in the back.

another look at the sink and i see another space saving/innovative water spout that flips over to fill the tub or flips over to be the sink faucet.

i think most japanese people say that yebisu beer is the best beer in Japan. i think its the more expensive of them too. I was delighted to see that they also make seasonal brew, this one is for fall. all the fall brews seem to be stronger than normal beer. someday i will learn about beer and i will know why. anyway, what an awesome can design. lovin' the less is more design and red color. oh and they told me that the guy up there is "Ebisu" a god, i asked if its shinto or not and they didnt know, there are like 12 more of them too. anyway Ebisu is also the name of an area in tokyo and where i took the pic of that Ebisu statue.

California rolls, Shintaro has the worst curse you can get for a Japanese person, he hates seafood. That means he can't eat sushi. Talk about getting dealt a bad hand. I couldn't believe such bad luck! so he can only eat California rolls.

Gari Gari kun soda flavored popsicle, 60 yen. they said this is the classic popsicle of their youth. i said it tasted kind of like calpis/yakult and they were like NO ITS SODA! so i guess in Japan, this flavor is THE appointed definition of soda flavor, whatever that means.

i like how this guy has a pink 5'oclock shadow like a cute little gangster bunny

this thing was like 10-20 yen and so small as you can see. it comes with that little wooden spoon thing. it was like eating a sand marshmallow mini bowl of sugar. and it says on the lid that i one a free one. i won't be redeeming that one.

my search for an ATM that would take my dirty foreign card led me to try and take a shortcut through the park i run at (definitely when i am not under the influence of alchohol). this is when i first noticed this freaky sillohette in the sky. i couldnt get a good shot of it closer cuz i didnt have my tripod but its like a weird distorted watertower. someday i will see it in the day and learn what it really is.

mcdonalds in japan is like mcdonalds in most countries besides the US, its looked at as not the cheapest grossest food you can get. the ones in japan have a different kind of interior going on, you could even say that they are....pleasant.

but what do two caucasian people hugging each other blown up gap style have to do with the interior design in mcdonalds? i forgot to take a pic of the cardboard cutout of the caucasian guy that is the current mcdonalds spokesperson/mascot, they dressed him up like a dorky IT/Math/Nerd guy. Foreigners get crap for a lot of acting jobs here cuz the majority of roles are stereotypical roles (at least to the japanese) that make foreigners look dumb. Hey just like in the USA!