Shinjuku Gyoen Picnic

went to shinjuku park for a picnic but first had to get Hiroko's bike from the place she used to live at in shibuya, she's still friendly with the owner or something like that. anyway this is the bike and the building.

gold egg somewhere betwn shibuya and harajuku

ive seen a lot of worker guys wearing pants like this. seems like they would be kind of dangerous for worker guys, getting caught on things and such. maybe its just for 1 profession of worker guy. guess i will find out eventually.

i've seen girls wearing these kind of glossy yet strechy weird fabric tight pants in china and tokyo a lot. i dont know how to feel about them yet cuz even on decent girls they look trashy. as always ultra hot girls are fine cuz they can wear the contents of our recycling bin and still look hot.

where is big boy from? america? if so which america because i have never seen a real big boy just have seen this guy somewhere on the intertubes or somewhere.

shinjuku gyoen is super nice. you have to pay 300 yen ($3) to get in too. i guess that keeps the army of homeless out.

a couple ladies were painting. what more can i wish for than for that to be me when i'm over the hill?

this park is amazing. this is the finest grass in a park i have ever seen. i said it is like golf grass, and then hiroko (my living japanese wikipedia) said that its because this used to be the emperor's private golf course. some people in NY know how much i love grass and even more, laying on it. this grass is f'ing amazing! it was like a carpet made out of some fine exotic animal. the weather was awesome, temperaature perfect. shoes off. rolling and laying yes. rolly games and crab walk races yes. so shinjuku gyoen gets the J-roc thumbs up in the picnic park category. you would be hard pressed to find a better maintained park.

loving that limited autumn yebisu beer. this 2 pack came with a headphone organizer thing that sucks.

limited winter "beer" its not beer though, its hopposhu which is a few ingredients shy of being beer so beer makers can get around the beer tax and provide us with near beer beverages.

all the way from Beijing, finally ate one of those moon cakes and boy was it delicious.

japanese baking, like chinese baking is just not the same. not heavy and super sweet. airy, light, fluffy, mild is more like it. i chomped into a mister doughnut expecting a heavy sweet confectionary expolosion but wat i got was a mouth full of slightly sweet bread with chocolate on top. yes its like the consistency of potato bread. what gives.

i have seen these around a lot. what is that crap on the back?

well i have been trying to do the japanese thing and eat proper sized portions only a few times a day but you know i have to admit that i am basically ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!!!! i gave in and in the middle of the night was starving and so in my moment of weakness i got this "dabulu chizu dogu" double cheese dog and cheetos which are not the same as in america. the hot dog was decent and i wanted to eat 10 more.

i guess real cheetos which might be my fav will have to wait until the day i step on american soil again. its ok, i know chester will be waiting for me with open arms.