Ota memorial art museum

It's been raining for over a week. They say a typhoon is coming. it usually is just this little p!ss rain that barely enough to need an umbrella, annoying.

random shrine or memorial thing in btwn shibuya and yoyogi park

at this museum you have to store your shoes in a little shoe locker and wear slippers around. so you end up with two keys in your pocket: 1 for your umbrella outside and 1 for your shoes

then you have to take off your slippers to see some stuff up on an elevated tatami floor.

amazing stuff! the art in japan is a big draw for me being an artist. these wall scrolls were big

and there is no way photographs can show what they are really like. there is so much texture going on. a lot of iridecence and glimmering stuff going on in the flowers.

the flowers on this dress were really painted on thick

you have to see these in person to really feel them. the pick cherry blossom flowers were compressed into the paper, wats that called? embossing?

anyway love the line work, the limited color palette, clothing, they way they handle folds in clothing, the stylization of the faces and the hands, the different line weights. This kind of art is called Ukiyo-E, woodblock prints, and is made with some kind of printing process so not that many colors could be used. This is the stuff that Dega, Picasso, and tons of other famous western artists including myself sweat so bad. One day I would love to have an original Ukiyo-E print from one of my fav guys: Yoshitoshi, Hasui Kawase, Yoshida Hiroshi. the last two guys are actually from the 20th century. Yoshitoshi is from the 1800s meiji era so probably super expensive, maybe the other two are possible since they made stuff into the 1940's. anyway, someday.

awesome daruma inspired something or other, i guess its a tea/snack set or something dainty and cute like that.