Meiji Jingu Shrine

Meiji Jingu Shrine was built in memory of Emporor Meiji and Empress Shoken, who ended the closed door policy in Japan and opened it to the world again. It was destroyed in WWII bombing and rebuilt in 1958. the pamphlet says the forrest around the shrine is made up of over 100,000 hand planted trees.

the stencil on the side says "crazy motorcycle express" i see this truck with the bike motorcycle on the back a lot in this spot.

hey these guys are wearing the armband pinned to their shirt just like in China. subway safety guy

cemetary or tombstone showroom somewhere near yoyogi park and harajuku

one entrance to the Shrine. the wood is from Taiwan

even though it has been raining the whole week it kind of adds some magic to the moments maybe because lots of japanese anime has memorable scenes set in the rain, because i am seeing now that it rains a lot here so romanticized moments come from that. walking through this forrest in the rain reminds me of Totoro, and its easy to forget its man made and in the middle of tokyo.

crows everywhere. check out that roof edging too, i haven't seen scale like roof tiles like that before.

ends of railings, look like ends of samurai sword scabbards, only they're not called scabbards theres a special name for them

view from top of detailed corner connectors.

a fine tree inside the shrine yard.

wishes or something like that

one of those paper things that signifies that Kami (spirits) lie within

illegal shot, while they were telling other to not take pics i got this. I think this is the shrine where Scarlett Johansan came in the movie lost in translation by herself one day and saw a traditional wedding ceremony happening.

like how they painted the ends white

never seen one of these kami ropes tied btwn two trees

Charms you can buy like charms for good grades, for finding a girlfriend, and the normal stuff like money and health

things of sake along the road, don't know why yet.

lots of old school japanese design feels very organic and a lot different than chinese. not saying its better just different

Umbrellas in the rain. the most compact street in Harajuku making it look like its the busiest.

Harajuku JR station.

lil dude and bras

japanese kids are pretty g darn cute, especially cuz a lot of them are dressed up in little peoples fashion that is like big people's fashion. debs will love it when she sees little 5 yr olds dressed up like hipsters everywhere.