Kabuki Cho and Golden Gai

Went for a little visit to Kabuki Cho which is known mostly as the Red light district of Tokyo. There are parts that are good for other things though, but the real draw is for the dirty dirty. I didn't know where i was going so i didn't really see that much dirty biz. my goal was to find golden gai, a little area of little bars that are supposed to be cool, and they were.

Kabuki Cho is east of Shinjuku. Look what it is, Little Sheep from China! its hotpot

i walked in here thinking it was out of place and almost at the end i found golden gai! (gai roughly means town)

that blur on the right is the woman chasing away a black cat at the white cats dinner time. my english is getting bad but i say "the woman" because who knows if its her cat or just the neighborhood cat she feeds.

Billiken, the god of things as they should be glowing in the windowsill

went on a sunday night so it looked like most of the bars were closed, the streets were narrow, maybe about 5 little alleyways of bars, nice and cosy looking, most looked like the size of that one bar i went to the other night in shimokitazawa, ie 8 chairs. Gotta go back here later to sample these bars!

there is a shrine or temple directly behind golden gai, i will learn the diff btwn a temple and shrine soon so i am not stupid anymore.

some bars don't allow foreigners like this one. the sign says if you can understand japanese you can enter this bar. i dont know why they would write that and the menu in english.

ads for the various host bars in Kabuki Cho. host bars are where they guys drink with women and party with them, for a very high price, and basically sell them fake romance. all the guys have this super gay japanese hair and super gay fashion (in my opinion but i guess girls with money go for it). i wonder if it the equivelant of girls in garterbelts and stalkings and heels?

there were tons of love hotels one street over all with super bad and tacky exterior design

you can either stay a night or "rest" which is for a few hours

over exposure accident. but this is what tokyo looks like when you're drunk and trying to find your train.