Imperial Palace East Garden to Ueno

A trip to the imperial palace (you cant go in cuz the emperor lives there but you can tour the east gardens). it closes at 4:30 so i only got to see some of it. then i went to Ueno to try and see some shitamachi action (old town).

tabi. we know them as ninja socks. actually you wear them with those sandals that you were with kimonos or watever guys wear too, yukatas? i think ninjas wear something with a split toe but def with a sole on it, not just socks.

look at how smashing i look. if it were warmer out i would go prance around shibuya like a little deer toed fairy.

so this is the guesthouse im stying in. there are 8 rooms i think, all lined up next to each other so you can hear wat everyone is doing.

living room/dining area

kitchen sink, stove, and secondary sink.

2 fridges and coin washer and dryer

shoe area, of course shoes must be taken off

in the summer i posted a pic of these water bottles sitting at corners because they think it prevents dogs and cats from peeing there. these people took it to the extreme.

i love grass as some people know, but chillin on grass was not an option in china (forbiden!) and looks like there are only a few spots in tokyo to do it either because its not allowed or because the millons and millons of people in this city have reduced it to dirt. this is near the imperial palace, there were hobos sleeping on various spots. lucky. anyway i will be like them soon.

this is gross. this woman was of sound body. why must she use these two walking sticks or watever like she is trekking across the swiss alps? she is trekking across tokyo for christs sake! and wat the F is that thing in her backpack. i just want to take those polycarbonate walking sticks and hit her legs with them so then she has a real reason to be such a hypocondriac. and then i want to take that sun visor and give it to a Korean ajuma who needs it more than her.

this is one of the corners of the moat. remember the forbidden city in Beijing?

a heron or crane ostrich at the edge of one of the ponds in the imperial garden

would'nt one of these stone lanterns look simply grand in your garden mom?!!??!!!

dungari or watever like i the movie totoro, that the little chu totoro has in his sack with a hole in it, that Mei follows to totoros lair. anyway these nuts are everywhere now

this looks just like central park from that castle or observatory that looks over that lake near 80 something street looking towards lex ave.

a crane on the moat near the exit.

Kanda near the station. lots of triangle building action going on in tokyo. way way more than new york.

these posters are everywhere. they are for detective services.

watever this game is im sure it is awesome. i gave up video games and tv when i went to college because there was too much fun/better stuff to do and it will ruin your life unless you have balls of steel and and limit yourself to 1 hr per day, but who can really do that. If there was a game that that would bring me back it would be Final Fantasy something. i think i saw an ad for final fantasy 13 or 33 or watever its at now. I stopped at 7

Ueno. i think its cool how compact everything is and space is conserved so there will be train tracks right above

store selling old crap japanese music

this grandma had purple hair. not that oncommon, ive seen it before.

on the right is a panty vending machine. i don't think they are used though, and yes there are used panty vending machines! I also read about a guy that stole like 2000 panties over 5 yrs, there are def a lot of fetishes going on here, and if you live here you will see its such a quirky place that it doesnt seem that crazy anymore.


David said...

I wonder if they have a woman with a potent enough vag that stinks up all the underwear and then they sell it? And whats up with the plastic waist mannequin?