Friday Night Destroyed

I went to Ikebukuro to look at an apartment and came across this book fair happening in some square near the station. interesting to see these japanese movie booklets for these hollywood movies like roman holiday and James bond.

tried this, tastes like chilsung cider in korea and both are basically sprite.

this makes me want to have a TV

various yumminess cooked inside these fish shaped sweet bread things. probably a story behind why they are fish shaped. i got mine with redbeans inside which is the normal way i think.

its getting chilly in tokyo these nights so i was craving some ramen and spotted this place in Sangenjaya and almost went in but then saw that it was Chinese noodles, and i am trying to eat japanese food for a while so i went to try and find some japanese ramen and not chinese noodles.

i went to this place near my house. the awesome part was i discovered those garlic sprinkles. they are like those fried onion things that come in a can in the states except they are garlic flavored! puts a new twist on ramen now.

if you are an illustrator you probably have seen this guys work before, Tadahiro Uesugi

went to TIFF, the tokyo international film festival because hiroko got two tickets in the mail. Here is a poster for Sam Rami's "Drag me to hell". they were also playing UP, and Schenecady NY amongst other US films. We saw "Staten Island" starring Vincent D'nafrio and Ethan Hawke and Seymour Cassel. Directed by first time director James Demanaco. He has written other movies but now says he wants to direct. I gave it 8 out of 10 stars on IMDB. good movie.

i hate rating movies right after i see them, but it was my duty to rate this movie for the audience award so i gave it a good. after the movie soaked in i think i should have given it a "very good"

met vivi and more of her highschool friends in shibuya. went to this Nabe (hotpot) place. liking the brush art on the walls.

the lid to the nabe pot. they said these guys are demons

after the stuff in the Nabe was eaten there was a nice surprise at the end. all that broth need not go to waste because they brought rice and cheese to make what the call "rizzuto" You can sign me up for cheese anytime.

Hoppy is non alchoholic beer. accept not really, its more like beer flavored soda. but you can mix it with half Shochu to make an interesting alchoholic drink. Shintaro said this is what they used to drink after the war cuz shochu is so cheap and hoppy is cheap.

these two were looking as spicy as our hotpot, especially dude in the flame red mexican hoodie pancho, miami heat hat and hawaiian jammers.

a throwback can they said.

after another bar it was time to get the last train back home, last train is only like 12:30. So like an idiot i set off to find somewhere to continue my friday night. i had seen a jazz bar in sangenjaya unfortunately called uncle toms cabin or something like that. i went there and they play actual records! I also like in japan how a lot of bars will display what they are currently playing, and also will display the various liquors they used to make drinks with on the bar counter.

anyway i drank too much, talked with the bartender in my super limited japanese, he said his father died a long time ago and he took over the bar and inherited all the jazz records. later on a guy came in wearing overalls, yes like a farmer. he was a tough looking guy and i ended up talking to him. first about jazz then he confessed with great pride that he is an "otaku" which means something like Geek. I'm not sure it otaku is limited to anime these days but that is wat we ended up talking about for a while. its funny to see this big tough looking guy who is a bass player in a punk band proudly saying he is a geek. I guess being this kind of geek is not really that bad in japan. lots of people love to say they are otaku.

Black and White is the name of this manga, it was made into a movie by my fav animation studio, Studio 4C. its awesome. i forget if this was the bartenders or the guys but it was cool to see this in japanese for the first time. i dont know what time i went home but i woke up feeling like a garbage bag on a hot summers day.