First lazy Sunday in Yoyogi Park

This is a lot of pics because there is a lot of stuff going on, especially when you first move to a new country! i've been here a few times so i won't post as much wow Japan is so crazy stuff.

more room, can't really get the size of this thing on camera.

shots of the walk to the subway from my house, not even good shots, just snapshots.

easy to get lost in here, things look the same, not like prefabricated houses but at least to me the dumb american i got lost the first time trying to find the house after the agent showed me the first time.

supermarket near the subway with tons of yumminessssssss

most of these range from 3-5$.

looks like a yaki soba sandwich (fried noodles).

some people follow these but i see a lot more follow these during rush hour. guess it helps.

Shibuya crossing in the day time.

some kind of japanese boyscouts?

entrance to yoyogi park. they have some kind of event or festival here every weekend. i have seen pics of awesome summer parties on blogs at this park. today was the Hokkaido Festival, Hokkaido is the northern most island so they had all hokkaido food and stuff. this was the earthday market. organic crap, etc...

this would have been cool to try, but after a night in roppongi and coming home at 6 am i couldn't do it.

i like the red one!

looks like huge takoyaki or watever

delicious looking okonomiyaki (japanese pancake like things made with tons of ingredients). i ended up getting this after i toured the whole area.

squids on a stick.

looks like huge fish egg topped rice somethings, and hair crab. expensive, but probably so good.

a faux cow milking station. the kiddies were not doing a very good job.

the stairs that cross the highway or watever that leads to the central park like section of the park.

spin fags, as me and bob used to say during a stage when we were younger where we would try to spin everything on our finger tips. only these guys are adults now and still doing it. dude on the left is manipulating a crystal ball. awesome guys

crow tree. tons of crows in Tokyo. i read that they set up lots of crow traps in this park after people were complaining of getting attacked by them. I think crows are gonna show up in my illustrations at some point. sometimes i hear lots of them and their loud cackling outside my window.

the only thing i can think of is he is homeless. there are lots of "disenfranchised" men and women in tokyo. i like that word. anyway they're homeless, and i can see how it would be easy to lose all your money in this city.

this little queen or queen-like guy was a weirdo dancing for attention or who knows what. i miss central park weirdos, there weren't really any weirdos in Beijing.

you are gettin' your sunday on and doin' your thing guy so i guess i kind of love you too.

a hill with a bunch of cool looking young people having fun. picture snapped, head sunk, charlie brown music playing as i walk away all alone.

wats going on here? at first glace it looks like that fierce looking girl is wearing archery equipment which wouldn't be out of the question cuz traditional japanese archery has been seen out and about. but i would think that people would not allow such a thing to happen in their picnic fun land.

1st says dog must be leashed, second says no grooming your dog.

the shortest escalator i've ever seen. 10 stairs. i tried to go to this lantern festival at this other temple a little further away and i messed it up and took the wrong train (which in my defense is super easy to do cuz its crazy here). so i just ended up walking around Koen Ji which is supposed to be a hip east village like area for musicians artists and other like minded bohemians

man i love these 50's and 60's japanese illustrated ads/posters. that one on the right under the red lantern is on the wall at Kenka on St. Marks place in NYC too.

i met Vivi, my old roomie from 53rd st and 9th ave in NY. we ended up going to Karaoke after some drinks and talkin' trash. the song selection at japanese karaoke spots is by far superior to anywhere i've ever been.

vivi signing up for karaoke. first time i've seen that.

guy and his buddy perusing their soft porn magazines on the train. its kind of acceptable for guys to look at this or read their dirty mangas on the trains. gotta love japan. imagine these guys on the train in new york showing each other soft porn mags.

at super markets and other places that sell this kind of stuff you can buy them a lot cheaper when they are about to close. a guy walks around with a barcode scanner and price sticker scanner and attatches the new price on stuff as more time goes buy. so if you can get something that has been re-tagged a few times that means you got a good deal! this was $2.20 and still fresher than what you usually get in NY even though its been there all night.