First few Days Exploring Tokyo

my guesthouse room in Komazawa Daigaku. super small desk. making due though. look at that chair! so comfortable. at least it forces me to sit up at all times. had to do a final drawing for an illo before i could go out though.

there it is. its about 4 or 5 tatamis i guess (they measure in tatami mats, as in those old school woven floor/mat things)

the view out of the sliding door window.

guy delivering noodles. looks like a special order though because this can't be a feasible service.

a shrine a little down the street.

gas stations have these kind of gas pumps from the heavens.

wats cool about tokyo is that you can be walking along a super metropolitan street and then suddenly there is a quite little shrine area. this was on the way to shibuya from my house.

the people that live here live right next to the quiet shrine area. so zen

somewhere in harajuku. i love how the landscape of the city is so different from other cities.

i've seen a couple lotus's on the street. and some other hot rides. hot rides don't turn my crank though.

this looks like the 35-40 yr old japanese version of Debbie Lee. right guys? come on! i have one of the chocolate bars in the fridge right now. lil' debbie got me to buy one of her candy bars. this was a big billboard in JR shibuya station.

ate this J.S. burger with my buddy i met in beijing last year, Hiroko. this is the first of many burgers i will eat in japan. they have more burger joints than NY. and they are all good, even mcdonalds, and the japanese even admit mcdonalds is good here too. its def of a higher calibre than the american counterpart. anyway, Moss Burger, First Kitchen, Zats Burger, etc... here i come!

i could take pics of awesome/crazy/rediculous bikes all day here. i need to get one soon since riding a bike around a city is the best thing you can do in my humble opinion. IMHO for the cool guys.

on the way to Ebisu, or in Ebisu, i dont know cuz i went out and walked and planned on getting lost and i did a little but not too bad, cuz the signage here is ok and i have a general idea of where things are in this sector of tokyo.

who is this dude? he is on Yebisu beer cans, a bastardized version of him is used for Evisu jeans, who is he. i will find out and report back. def looks like he has something to do with Ebisu. For now im gonna call him Daddy Ebisu.

50's style rotating and gyrating fan on the high tech subway. intersting.

illustration is used a lot more here. clap

view from the Carrot Building or something like that in Sengenchaya. 26th floor. over looking part of Setagaya Ku, the biggest Ku (district?) in tokyo. i live in setagaya Ku.

Poor Ai, foriegners can't get phones here if you have a tourist visa, which i have until january when i get my student visa. you can't really do anything in Tokyo without a phone either, well unless you don't want to hangout with anyone or do anything. So Ai got me a phone in her name! and then spent all day tranferring her data to her new Iphone while i took her phone. Wat a gal! And just so you know doing things in Japan is a pain, so much redtape, details, points, fees, fees, restrictions, regulations, blah blah. Ai was a real trooper thanks!

i forgot what Ai called this, but there is a word for it and she said japanese people cherish it, i am referring to the moss and misc. humid environment greenery that grows from everything in this city. it makes the place alive and green and friendlier. at least in the quieter corners of the city where they let it grow.

near my house, if you peep over the hedges, you can see these people have two little lions at the door, do japanese people do this like chinese people? so many things to learn, so many friends to bother with questions.