Design Festa Day 2

saw a lot of free hugs people


don't know whats going on here, Vivi didn't either

these two again. but this time upon closer inspection i found out the girl on the right is not real!

their armor is made out of paper. close up it looks kind of crappy but further back it looks fine.

cool kid cool shirt

cool clock idea

beer break. heartland beer made by asahi i believe

complicated looking tea drink i brought from 7-11

latex suit wearing fetish girl whipping some guy who requested it

American photographer dude lovin' it. Weirdo latex japanese cybersluts lovin' the attention

great display idea to seel their mushroom keychains

i went with Vivi, my old roomate from 53rd st

this guys sculptures were awesome.

more latex fetish girls. they were tying people up in bondage ropes but i didn't get a pic of that

goblin balls.

this has been disturbing me all day. why?!?! they are two cute highschool girls that look like sisters doing the robot kind of while an older woman is suggesting to everyone that they take a picture with them, and the sign on her chest says the same. all they had was a flyer on that stool with a myspace address. and then on the myspace page there is nothing to answer, why!!????!!!! Here is the link if you are interested in the weirdness and headscratching things i have witnessed.

why. this is a man. this is not uncommon. why

why. wearing underwear with a faucet on it that green liquid was coming out of

went to denny's afterwards. thats right, denny's the 24 hr establishment from the US famous for feeding drunks, college drunks, and other late night scum. i was craving a meat lover's skillet so bad only to find that Japanese Denny's is not like american denny's at all. its all japanese style quasi american food. still good though but not like US denny's at all, even the logo they use looks like a throw back logo.

stuff i bought. this is actually navy blue not blck

see that dog card in the middle. its acutally a 4 fold mini pamphlet about giving stray cats and dogs a home. his collar is actually a pink little rubberband! awesome design.

my new friend Hiroshi. its nice to have something living and green on your desk.

baby gachapin plush toy.


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isn't miraclevell just a singer wannabe trying to get some publicity?

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