Harro! Welcome Japon! When you go back the Amerika?

Here we go! first post from Tokyo, Japan. My new home. its been a dream of mine to live here so lets see how it goes and hopefully i don't spend all my money in 1 month. I will study japanese for a year starting in January.

I made a series of bad choices starting with drinking too much the night before in beijing, taking the local train from the airport to the city thus making it too late for me to take the subway to my friends house forcing me to take a $60 cab ride across town(not from the airport, just cross town!). At least i was able to get this beauty. if you have ever seen anime or manga you have probably seen characters with snot always coming out of their nose. I didn't know that it was based on reality! this guy was like this the whole 15 min i was waiting. he had excellent viscosity.

the next day at the guesthouse office. a guesthouse is a bunch of furnished single rooms in a building or house so you share the bathroom and shower with a bunch of people, but its good cuz its furnished and you can just move in the same day. I found one at Komazawa Daigaku. There are a bunch of foreigners here, which is basically what it is for of course. i will stay here for a month and try to find a more permanate place after i get my head on straight. anyway i sure i will post about this issue again, recylcling/garbage sorting. The Japanese are super strict about it. they even made me watch a garbage sorting/recycling video at the guesthouse office! along with giving me lots of papers about sorting the garbage properly, and there are signs all over the house too. i have read on other blogs about old ladies yelling at people who don't do it properly.

My friend Ai, who visited in beijing a few weeks ago that i met in korea 8 yrs ago. she has a kind of intense talking style. she was not happy that this guy's knowledge of wireless routers was inadequate.

at tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) at this place.

free pickled delights. you can also eat as much "salad" and rice as you want. which is good cuz i was worried that japanese meal portions will leave me hungry but its nice to know that at lots of place its like this. anyway Ai says i will get used to eating japanese size portions, and i believe her.

Stayed at my buddy Shintaro's house the first night. Japan is like ...Brittan i think? drive on the other side of the road and the driver is on the right side.

grocery store. there were a lot different bags of 3 slices of bread. 3! they are really big slices though. im sure i will learn later on how such a ridiculous thing is actually the better way to do things. i also saw half bacon, and mini spam. there are no american sized jars of spaghetti sauce either. looks like across the board portions in japan are smaller at the grocery store.

remebmer that bright red suitcase adventure i went on? well i actually made it to japan! and i had to go to the actual cargo area to get it! i had to go to 3 different offices, and sign a millions papers and wait a long time. took about 5 hrs total including to and from the airport. but at least everyone in japan was helpful and pleasant and accommodating.

i could take pics all day long of people's fashion. even a lot of old guys dress like they are in their 20s here. and even some guys that don't look that "high fashion" still are trying to work it. this guy was like 40 but substituted his boring normal nike laces with skull laces!

is this a pet mini bus by my guesthouse?