Guangxi Trip - Day 3 - Long Ji Nighttime

I don't know if i said this before but this village is called Ping An.  at the base of the big hill where the bus lets you off the two ladies that were in my face when i got off where of 2 diff minority groups my lady told me later.  she was Zhuang and the other lady was Yao.  i asked if the yao and zhuang get along and she and others at my second dinner said yea, they even intermarry.

after the hike around the terraces i took a shower.  there was a squatter toilet.  room was pretty basic.  lots of windows though that was nice.  saw this lady cutting up veggies on the ground.  would learn later it is the young guys mom.

i dont know why they have this panda light.  it was nice having a "night stand light" switch right above the bed though.

part of where all the chilis go.  wish i could have taken some back but i would never finish that in 15 days.

tons of exotic bugs since this is subtropical south china.  this was in my bedroom.  i hope he crawled in my ear that night and is typing this for me right now.  ME piNchr bugG I i S BesT: jSson iS sUKs.

this thing was the size of a dinner plate.  the lady took just one little tissue and grabbed it!  i would have used like a steel workers glove and radioactive suit.  what a woman.

walked down the lane before dinner was ready and saw this crackling in the fire.  later would find i am eating if for dinner!  bambooo rice

came back dinner wasn't ready yet.  asked the young guy about the 4 jars of wine.  they all looked normal and fruity except this one, had like grasshopers and mushrooms and i dont know what else in it.  and you know of course i ended up being handed a sample of it and i had to oblige.  not bad though.  i went with the fruity one though.

dinner was bamboo and some kind of pork.  although as you can see there isnt much mean on it, just crystal clear fat.  but we all know fat is yummy.

bamboo cut in a few choice places makes for an awesome rice cooking apparatus.

some of the ubiquitous corn i saw.  some kind of edible rice paper lining on top. I hate the word ubiquitous, the writers or one of the writers from the company that makes the Beijinger magazine uses it all the time.

some kind of citrus fruit was added to the pile of greens.  at this point i am getting interested in what this is and want to know when i can eat some, although it looks like something that has to cook for days so i might not get the chance.

later the young guy comes along and shows me corn meal, i guess thats what you call ground of dried corn right?  he dumps it in and says it will be ready in a short while!

later he asks me if i want to see something and if i would carry one bucket with him.  im thinking is he gonna go sell this to someone. 

then all of the sudden i hear lots of squealing and he stops and pours a bucket into the pig pen.  it was pig slop!  hahahaah.  me stupid.  and to think i wanted to try what they made.  greens, citrus fruit, corn meal, not bad for pigs!

then he showed me where they make their alchohol

that is a lot of rice wine.  said it only takes 4 days for it to be ready

they invited me into the kitchen to eat and drink with them.  My second dinner.  how awesome, rubbing elbows with the locals!  they ate more fatty fatty meat which was delicious and some tofu thing stuffed with pork which was a grease sponge but delicious.  and some kind of beef, and ye tsai which is like spinach i think and some sweet rice wine.  they were so nice.  I asked the young guy if they have a lot of foreigners stay here and he said yea but he doesn't know where they are from cuz they don't speak chinese so he never knows.  so i am lucky that i speak enough chinese to have basic convos and drink with them.

left is the young guys mom.  the woman is his wife, she is the daughter of my guide lady.  the young guy is 35 actually.  and the red faced baboon is me.  i like this so much better than eating in their clean dining area, it feels better.  plus i got to ask them about various things about the kitchen.  they ended up letting me sample some other mystery jars of stuff on the floor such as sour ginger and sour onion like things.  then we drank a decent amount of rice wine, fruity rice wine, and wat i was afraid of, the bug fermented wine.  but i couldn't really turn them down and i am not picky so it all went down the hatch.  I am lucky to have such a nice experience with this family.  Some stuff i reember from the convo:
they said they have a daughter that is 10 but she is not in the village now for some reason i didn't catch.  they said minority groups in china are allowed to have 2 kids only if the first one is a girl.  they might have another.  their house is 8 yrs old and he said the wood could last for some amazingly long amount of time.  they harvest and grow everything and raise all the animals.  they make all the wine.  there are about 180 people in their village and 1,200 in the area.  They don't know how many Yao people there are.  the weird animal noise i heard in the fields earlier in the day are not animals but are made by some electronic device to scare animals away that eat the plants.  they get along with the other minorities, some intermarry.  his drunk uncle came in, but he was nice and happy. said he likes to drink.  showed me their rice cutting tools.  again so lucky to be able to talk with them.

after dinner around the village.  would more charming if less blurry, but you can see there are multi tiered paths going everywhere.

and lots of dogs.  dogs the size of big beagles, sonsiderably smaller than labs or collies.  seemed to be mostly the same breed and all friendly and not dangerous.

on the way home i passed this place and my guide lady spotted me.  i went inside and talked to her friend some guy.  inside this place was black everywhere.  the ceiling was especially black.  i hope dude doesn't hang out in there all day cuz his lungs have gotta be black too.  dont know what kind of place this is but he is burning bamboo just like everyone else.  i saw my guide lady on the way back and she was horse playing with some of her friends, they had been drinking.  she is 59 yrs old.  she said see you at 5am!  i had to start at 5 am cuz i had already bought my ticket back to beijing and had to be back in guilin at 12:30.  that meant we had to do a 4 hr hike in 3.  that means i had to wake up at 4:30

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