Qianmen Hutong Ride

part of gearing up to move to japan is consolidating my possesions.  this means finally combining all the mp3 cds i have into mp3 dvds, about 7 cds fits on 1 dvd so i save a lot of space.  this is a huge ongoing project because i have about 500 gb of music

the grass in beijing is beloved and protected.  there isn't really anywhere you can go to kick back and lay on the grass, which some people know i love to do.  look at this beaute, begging for someone to curl up next to her but nope, as usually treading on this grass is prohibited.

discovered this park north of my house last week.  look at all this stuff waiting to be ridden and pictures to be taken.  too bad this stuff is not fun when you are by yourself.

this tape doesn't make sense to me, also why its s strewn about is a mystery.  it says "caution" and then "safe"

guys flying kites.  one of them was so high that you couldn't even see it because it dissapeared behind the clouds.

whats going on here.  a girl was pacing back and forth saying some stuff from a clipboard

that child is sleeping on one sweet newspaper bed on the sidewalk in dusty, filthy beijing.  she is selling lotus flower pods i think and wearing those disgusting flesh colored calf socks.

water plants at houhai

me waiting for a long long time for my friends to come to qianmen to rent bikes to explore the hutongs south of Qianmen

a busy malatang place, and for good reason, it was sups good.

the dining/storage area, everything was super fresh cuz they didn't really have room to store anything for it to get un-fresh

if youtube wasn't blocked in china i would post the video of this guy slicing little noodles off into this soup.  its pretty cool.  this place was super good and later the owner lady showed us a book it is featured in.  we saw the writer of the book, a white guy leaving as we came to sit down.  also while we were eating we met this 79 year old woman whose feet were super small because of foot binding.  she said that she is 79 years old but her feet are still getting bigger every day.  she lived next door and her granddaughter is in school in london and her grandson in school in the US.  Beijing people are so friendly.  mostly.

random but cool, this lil' deer was on top of this big steamroller.

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