Bye Bye Angel

My first Beijing Buddy Angel moved to London.  This is her goodbye BBQ party on the roof of the bar down the street from my house "Obiwan"  Great weather.  Angel is a fountain of chinese knowledge.  you could walk around beijing and ask whats that whats that all day and she would know and tell you the history.  She is a true patron and fan of the arts.  Angel is truly and angel, always swooping in and saving me like that time when i was stuck in that quicksand in the jungle, or when i was being attacked by 3 bears on top of the mountain, or when i couldn't find Yunnan restaurant.  Bye bye angel, thanks for leaving me here to die.

two of her friends sporting my design!

the bar took care of all the BBQ'in for us, which is good because whenever there is a bbq it sucks being the guy that has to cook because you are not part of the party, you're just the guy that slaps hot dogs into buns and gets carbon poisoning.

this was a quick drawing for the facebook party invite

a rare jason raish painting.  here i'm laying out the clouds with cut out paper.

afterwards there was a long karaoke session.  this song is about how the chinese repelled the japanese.  everyone knew it except for me and ryan cuz we're not chinese.

shot through angel's lomo fisheye lens attatchment.

the sun came up this is on teh way home.  a good example of china's extreme stacking power.

also in my cracked out state that morning I noticed how dr. suess like this tree is outside my bathroom window.

at the park near angel's house, guys flying kites, i MUST do this once before I leave!

if you remember this stone car from 798, its open today,  i didn't know the doors opened up!

notebook in a gallery store.  each page had a different gesture drawing in the corner highlighted with pink ink.  thought it was swell.

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