July Hustle

Not a lot going on because I have been hustlin' even more since the last post.  Since returning from Japan I have amazingly reached my money goal for moving there because i have been working 16 hrs a day non stop on projects that i have had the luck of getting.  Looks like you guys will be able to come visit me!

I like how i need these on my mac's dashboard or whatever it's called.  I have the currency converter that i use all the time, so far this year i have needed to use USD, pounds, singapore dollars, Japanese yen, chinese yuan, Hong Kong Dollars, South Korean Won, either for traveling or work related reasons.  I also need to use the world clocks for tokyo, beijing, New york, Los Angeles, and London all the time for work and play.  anyway i think its pretty cool that i need to be using these widgets because i have a cool job and because i am travelling.

hawthorn berry juice looks like a big market.  there are a lot of choices at the chinese supermarket.  it basically tastes like raspberry juice.  Thought i would give it a try, but even at 65% juice its still super strong!

thought i would try some new "Cheese"  "Beijing Cheese" and "Cheese Noble"  the beijing cheese tastes like cheddar if they were to make a cheddar weaker than mild.  I like my cheddar extra sharp, but this stuff here is like super dull plastic kids shears.  i will still take it over cheese noble and the other processed cheeses that are available. 

i did go to the bar down the stree from my house saturday night at 3am after i had finished this character design deadline for this agency.  there was a reggae party going on to my surprise which was cool.  what was not cool was i was there by myself and it was 3 am. 

this restaurant i always eat at was suddenly gutted and almost completely rennovated right under my nose before i even knew about it.

i love these still

the time cards of the workers at a restaurant.

i discovered this cool hutong near the lake where i always go to study japanese.  it is all twisty and has this crazy brick hill.

and is so skinny at some places like that turn up there that you think, what the heck is this really even a street?  and yep it is.  I love discovering these alleys, there are still tons more to get to so i have taken to riding my bike and studying rather than sitting down these days.

angel came over and we all made dinner.  curry and the tomato and egg thing and fresh veggies with korean hot sauce and soybean like dipping sauce.

I have started teaching these two girls on the left english 5 days a week for 2 hrs.  its a 5 week deal.  they just graduated from high school and are moving to canada at the end of august for college.  the girl on the right is the manager lady.  I am teaching because I need experience for when i go to japan.  the good thing is the place is a 5 min bike ride from my house!

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