Shanghai Debbie Part 1

Shanghai Debbie sounds like her 1930's shanghai gangster name. there were guys like "big eared" wang and "pockmarked" wong runnin around in the 30's in shanghai. Well here are me and debbie in shanghai. salih went back to ny.

its awesome having someone who just came to china with you because they are like your personal photographer, snapping everything that you have grown desensitized to. i never would have gotten this chinese billie holiday giving attitude shot if it wasnt for her.

and she gets to take fotos and do stuff that i can't neccisarily get away with because i look chinese.

i havent had a refreshing waxy cone of lukewarm water since Korea

waiting to murderize our luggage

that was nice of our hotel to mount these on the wall above our beds.

also nice of them to add this one as well

a medicine dispensing machine in the lobby of the hotel

this paper have your splendid word

you are my love all my life condoms on the hotel table.

after the hotel we went to the slums of Shanghai, in the old city

maybe having these carcasses hanging outside show that its a good butcher shop because they were hanging there every day

lots of bloody delicious fish scaling and head chopping everywhere

these were nummy

debbe was in love with these shots. she was trying to get all up in as much baby arse as possible. she said it was because no one back in the US would know what she was talking about unless she had an extremely detailed photo

this cute little mother was like speedy gonzales.

this next series is for yoon in korea who is working on the inchean global fair and festival. they had to change their name in a power struggle from the incheon expo to global fair and festival because Shanghai said so. Shanghai is pooring tons of money into their expo and i just want yoon to see how aweseome theirs is gonna be and how much more accessible their blue gumbi toothpaste rip off is than the incheon star dude.

i was usin this book a lot. so uncool looking

china example. is this guy homeless or isn't he? who knows?

so uncool with the book out. for those that know me insert my nasally whiny voice here: "no debbie is says right here that it is on the 4th floor not the 6th floooooorrrr".

they even have battery disposal bins on the streets! and people actually use them! this thing had all kinds of batteries even laptop batteries in it. thats on the right track guys!

meet danny dimsum. he like eat delicious dimsum then he taste delicious

finally got one of those giant soup dumplings but i think this was from a lesser place because it sucked

i am in love with this deer. if it wasnt all the way up there i would have mated with it just like that lion above. but seriously you are gonna see a deer illustration from me at some point.

the bird market in shanghai. also festering with feathers, disease, crabs, sypholus, typhoid, and the ebola virus.

giant crickets, only they are not technically crickets according to angel. they are for fighting, like cockfights. they have cool little mini bird cages to keep them in or these bamboo balls. in imprial times they were highly prized and someone from the court would go around to all the towns and say show me your finest crickets or your family is gonna get it and then they would take them.

look at that fine mess'a'crickets

there were a bunch of pigeons, dirty birds, rats with wings, and other bad dreams in this pagoda of disease

we came out with 2 awesome cages. i have a special project in mind for mine.

whats going on here why are there 3 signs stacked up on each other? this is at yufo temple (jade buddah temple) which i have to say is one of the coolest ones ive been to in china. i dont know how these few pics got out of order though. more in the next post

i dont know if i like shanghai. its full of swindlers, more than beijing. and everyone has a bad attititude and give dirty looks. even more than beijing. even if its they're job or you're just asking where the bathroom it. i was in murder mode for a lot of this trip.

and everything was so difficult. this boat cruise girl was so stupid, it was in english too. i was on the phone with her for 20 minutes and the place was just across the street. repeat this pattern a dozen times and you'll have our trip to shanghai. we still had fun though. after my blood pressure went down

fried rice guy


Rob said...

This comment is for all of the posts. That looked like a lot of fun. I miss Debbie. Also where did you find that BIRD MARKET in Shanghai. We could not find it. It looked pretty cool. And also I do not think we every got a good shot of the assless pants. Good times. I miss that place. It was a lot of good times.