Prep for 798 show

in preparation for a little show in 798 that would include 3 of my illustrations i had to take on the laborious task of finding a good print shop in beijing again. i had given up. this time around i found a place that had the same epson printer we had at FIT and even the newest one. It's at the Central Academy of Fine Art or something like that. and yes the prints were very satisfactory this time. i had them printed on genuine epson fine art paper.

an older model of the Canon copier from FIT

the lastest Epson printer. it has 11 inks! and is super fast

they probably have these at all chinese colleges, just like they have them on all the trains (not subway). a hot water dispensor for tea and ramen and the like.

a macro shot of the awesome allergens in beijing.

awesome homemade toilet seat at the college

at the frame shop. mostly these guys frame crap all day. i mean needle point stuff made from a pattern. things so tacky that i am ashamed i forgot to take a pic of some examples.

a frame cutting machine.

smoke stack at the school. this got out of order somehow.

including the frame and 8cm matte this thing is huge. like 75% the size of my bed!


Rob said...

i know this is just some stupid person with no eye for anything, but i think they came out nice and the fact that you are not complaining about how they turned out must mean that they came out to your minimal level of satisfaction.