Osaka June 2009 - Day 2 Nara

Nara used to be the capital of japan back in the day. it is famous for its deer population which are a national treasure. lets take a look.

aw the little guys are awake now and ready to be creepy

japanese keyboard layout. takes a little getting used to.

this cat doesn't give a F. he will get in your face and hiss at you. the computer is in the "cats" room so sometimes when i go in hes like what are you doing here punk.

tommy lee jones

subway kids art display

i dont know what this guy's deal was. he was chillin with these deer for a good 4 hrs. glasses on deer

look i am sleepy like these deer too! the french tourists that took this pic for me must have thought i was retarded, which is usually the case in my everyday life

you can assume that this deers antler is firmly wedged into my balls because he did it like 10 times when i was feeding them deer biscuits. maybe a good ram in the balls is a sign of affection in deer talk

it is pretty cool to see deer walking around everywhere though, and especially when the backdrop is this. also if you have been a devout reader of this blog you will know that i am liking the asian deer art treatment so i am into these guys too. they are not like the deer in upstate new york.

the largest wooden structure in the world.

dont know what this was but looks like a freaky wolf grandma red riding hood buddah

18 meters i think

for scale, the size of the petals around the base of the buddah

hole in one of the pillars, if you can fit through then your wishes come true or something like that. i didnt try because i was by myself, travelling by yourself sucks sometimes because things are not really funny when your'e by yourself. so if i climbed through this thing no one would be taking pics or congratulating me at the end, there would just be tourists saying ok now get the F out of there so my daughter can go a-hole!

looka looka its tied down at the bottom

i think i read that these shinto rope things signify that there are gods or spirits or something residing within whatever they are wrapped around.

there were actually some cute little houses behind the temple. kind of weird to be walking around someones back yard. i kind of went a little exploring though so most people wouldn't venture that far out.

loving the seemingly random shrines everywhere. this one features a stone that is so weather worn it just looks like a stone and not a sculpture.

they say its bad luck if a crow comes over and kaws at you. which happened a lot. they say it means you're gonna die. there are crows everywhere in japan and in the cities so it seems like a pretty rotten deal.

at the end of my journey in Nara who do i spy? the deer glasses guy still chillin with his mates!

tiny japanese cars

deer hobbling through town

no smoking even outside

this is one of the reasons i got out of new york. look at this parking block. its different from wat you see in the states. i like that. and as an artist i really like that. its one of th elittle things to appreciate i guess even if its just a parking block.

wat a lucky shot. a rare empty train

my dinner at one of those places where you put money in a machine at the door and select what you want to eat and then just hand the ticket to the guys. i guess its so they dont have to handle money? hamburger steak and curry.

weird street light that was like spotlight

bachelor party time for jonny. it was just me and jonny and his friend ben that he studied with at Kansai Gaidai. Ben said this is supposed to help you not have a hangover the next day. i dont know if it worked or not but my hangover was slightly less severe than what it should have been.

limited edition brews for every season in japan

cowgirl themed "bar" in osaka. we didnt go here. the rest of the night is edited out. thats a wrap!


ribo said...

nara looks amazing! i dig the "tottori kitchen" front

Jung Eun said...

so many intriguing pics make me wanna travel Japan~~!!