Japan Trip June 2009 - Tokyo day 5 - Ghibli Museum

nummy numblies at the local bakery

how do they do it!

cute mom and daughter rain boots duo

Kichijoji park on the edge of Tokyo.  its pretty awesome

finding the ghibli museum was a journey, and was a fitting adventure in the spirit of Totoro trying to find our way through connecting and disconnected wooded parks.  we were never sure if we were going the right way because of the lack of signs.  only one sign that said Ghibli musuem this way 1100 meters.

The Ghibli Museum, dedicated to the films put out by Studio Ghibli, most of which are Hayao Miyazaki projects.  I am in love with Hayao and sweat him so bad because he makes amazing imaginative animated movies.  If you are human you probably love his movies or will love them too.

no photography allowed but i got this one.  giant plush neko bus only for kids to play on.

this is on the roof.  from Castle in the Sky, AKA Laputa.

the god box from castle in the sky

i think this is from the Porco Rosso movie.  its an incense or mesquito repellant burner.  don't know what the english title is, Crimson Pig maybe?

the bag from the museum shot is awesome.  will post what i bought later

street next to Kichijoji park.  sells lots of old crap.  cool old crap

there are a ton of used clothing stores in tokyo.  i found a pair of seemingly new adidas running shoes here for $30 instead of $150 like they are in China.  i am psyched.  i had to start running because i am getting 0 cardio workout from my kungfu class in beijing.  i was running with bricks tied to my feet with string before i bought these real running shoes.  they make a huge difference.

okonomiyaki.  cabbage mixed in batter with various ingredients.  cook both sides, brush demi glaze sauce on top, some benito flakes, seaweed flakes, japanese mayo and the cut it up like a pizza and eat.  delishouuuuuusssooo.

Okonomiyaki is from Osaka.  the osaka variety is on the right.  the one on the left is Tokyo style.  you eat it with these mini metal spatulas direct from the grill.  it looks really appetizing right?  but its pretty nummy still despite its dubious appearance.  That is Misa up in the right corner, one of vivi's friends she went home early though

two more of Vivi's friends, Hikari, and Shintaro.  she lived in LA and he lived in Boston so they speak english fine and know the american ways, whatever that means.  well you know what it means, it means being stoopy and retardo.  Hiroko is on the right, i stayed at her house, i met her in Beijing.  Shintaro is a funny guy, first time i met him.

this guy was awesome.  his glasses totally were not staying on his face.  he would push them up an in less than one second they would slide down to the tip of his sweaty nose.  he was so into whatever he was playing that he was fine with just chillin like that.  at one point i even saw him with his lips out in kissing mode because the glasses fell from his nose and he was holding them up with his lips. it was so sad.  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hikari is a real fun girl.  we had a good time laughing at that guy behind her whose glasses were falling off.

crossing the street sign.  in my hand is a $3 hamburger steak bento box below

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