Japan trip June 2009 - Tokyo Day 1,2,3

you dont know what hoops i have to jump through to get this blog published these days from China.

my friend Hiroko's neighborhood in Kugayama

this room is 6 tatami mats big.

i wish i had this in china.  it has a mini oven in the bottom!

there happened to be a firefly festival this day i arrived.  there where no fireflys though.  just a lot of food stalls and kids and people running around

isn't this the old cream of wheat design that was deemed too racist?  there are a lot of un-pc things in japan, lots of blackfaced bugaboos especially.  i posted last year about the children's book like that that was sued but then is still published and available.

last time i did not go to any places that had potential to be like Kenka in New York, a down and dirty drinking place.  but this time i went here and it was pretty cool.  it is pretty huge with multi rooms and floors.

some japanese illustration is awesome.

the trickle down of obama love in japan

manhole cover

this guys shirt says "Alchohol" thats it.  awesome

mango icecream.  thought the package was cool

Obama in Japan again.  this device is a mobile internet machine.  you sign up for monthly service and can then use this anywhere, even where there isnt wireless internet.  this is one of the reason's i spent days looking for wireless internet and never finding it in osaka and tokyo.  this company had an ad for this product that featured a monkey saying "Yes We Can".  and they got sued/attacked or something by someone or some group or something for incinuating that Obama is like a monkey.  they changed the monkey.

i noticed this time how japanese rooftops are different.  the tiles are totally different

tons of croquettes (fried and breaded mashed potatoes) tempura, and other delicious fried things.  there is so much awesomness at the grocery stores here

bento box meals of yumminess for $3

enclosed room that says waiting area on the train platform.  the temp inside is way hotter i dont know how those people are alive in there

my friend said that you see these bottle filled up with water on the corners sometimes because it somehow keeps cats and dogs away and from peeing on stuff.  and it really works i guess

means tiger

salmon, raw egg, butter, seaweek, some kinda white sauce, salmon roe eggs, and rice and probably some secret ingredient.  mixed all together in this hot stone bowl is awesome.

still hungry so i ordered this pork cutlet salad.  also awesome.

charity donation box

there are even random shrines in tokyo.  i saw a few on my walks

i love these little places

This hard and clear taste brings you the great feeling.  7% alchohol.  doesnt taste like poison like steel reserve or st. ides.  but then again they are 8% and $2 for 40 ounces and not $3 for 12 ounces.  but you will also die sooner.

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ribo said...

killing me!
have you thought up a plan on moving there yet?

oh and:


Jung Eun said...

you posted way too many yummy food photos that make me wanna go to japanese restaurant..which I will during my lunch break kk