Startin' to get Ballz

startin' to get hot here.

couples shirts. grossness. i wanted to buy this t-shirt of this gay little sheep cartoon character which is the only cartoon i've seen on tv in china but it turned out to be a couples shirt!

They have Mr. Pizza here which is a Korean franchise. and just like Korea they use little or no sauce! I remember mr. pizza in korea being better than this though. this was like almost a store bought oven pizza. No wonder there is a bottle of ketchup and tabasco on every table because they dont use and g-damn pizza sauce! This is also the most expensive pizza i've seen in beijing. 4 thumbs down. never go to mr. pizza.

on the other hand i am really temped to try this place. the marketing people really know how to reel the english speaking customers in.

warm weather is here and that means street food aplenty!

some spanish party that i ended up at somehow. spanish as in Spain.

a couple color shots. this an apt at the first floor of my building i noticed they got a new mat that hits with that green

a little down the street. blues

H and M just came to beijing last month. I wonder if eventually they will get this HandN imposters

its nice to know that when i become broke and homeless there will still be ways for me to continue making money as an artist. It just requires me sitting on one of the dirtiest stairwells i know in beijing literally in garbage with no shoes on.

in the winter this was a disgusting almost dried up creek bed that smelled. its by my house. i didnt know that they would turn on these water things and pump water through here and that it would get all green and less smelly(but still smelly a little of course) and be kind of nice in the summer! and i didnt even notice the bonus that i got that girl looking not happy with me in the pic too.

the water "spouts" that make this artificial canal

it is awesome riding my bike around. somedays i go for lunch and try to go in a direction ive never been. this time i happened upon this smoke stack with a basketball hoop attatched to the side! further down there were straight up shanty shacks, it was sad, there were people out in front doing their thing so i didnt take any pics but will next time. it's crazy to think i live in an ok apartment and then 2 minutes away there are people living in corrugated aluminum shacks.