End of April - Beautiful Weather

there are actually 2 disgusting little chinese rat dogs in that baby carriage

I finally started kung fu class. The style is Wing Chun, you know, the style bruce lee started out with and adapted. anyway it is known for its crazy hand techniques. this means you have to use your forearms a lot. that means a lot of drills requiring you to smash your forearms together. so that means i rubbed of a lot of layers of skin doing one drill so i had to wait a week for this to heal.

i went to that Hong Kong Jockey club next to Angel's office for what i thought was going to be a photography exhibition with my roomate. she know someone so we went. i've posted pics of this building in the past because it looks awesome and now you get to see the inside.

they had some of the best catering i've ever had. keep in mind that gorilla cavemen don't get invited to events with catering that often but still it was pretty awesome. they even had a peking duck table. and sushi and sashimi

they also had a lot of tall skinny beautiful ladies wondering about. these girls in the red are wearing qi pao's but they look like they are wearing rugs because they are not fitted properly. too bad, a proper fitting qi pao can be a knock out. there was a squad of girls in black dresses in the back that were looking good though.

this is Zizzo's church. we rode by on our bikes so we stopped in. inside looks like a normal church but outside is intersting because there are chinese pavillions on either side. also there is a small number of christian's in china so zizzo is definitely in the minority.

hot pot that my roomate made.

angel's apartment with all the t-shirts. i won't show the rest because it was messy and she will probably be mad.

this was on the wall at the wash post. it says we must liberate taiwan.

picinic at the temple of heaven with sue sue and lulu

night fishing at xihai next to my house. i dont know why they need to use these special super long poles. I was wondering if their wives would be happy or p!ssed that their husbands are out all night fishing. at least they're not gambling. maybe that comes later


these look like wishes hung on this tree written on bamboo. never seen it like this before.

yes these are whole defeathered frozen chickens just thrown in this open top freezer for your purchasing enjoyment. again if there ever was a place to come and want to turn veggitarian it would be china.

i have been watching a lot of movies lately so i thought i would try some chinese popcorn. this one is "cream sweet taste"

this one is "salted shallot and pepper flavor"

i just finished an illustration for an article about the recession and spam. I know, yuk. a lot of people have this reaction when i tell them i love spam. I loved spam sandwiches as a kid. If you are asian you probably love spam. Korean's eat it a lot. it's in dubu chiigae which is basically this military stew that was "invented" during the korean war and included spam introduced by the American GI's. anyway sale of spam always goes up during recessions in the US apparently. so i had a craving for spam only i couldn't find any Hormell brand Spam so i had to resort to buying the most expensive can of chinese stuff i could find. $3. the quality is def not the same nor is the taste. i am a little scared. my eyes are shifting left to right.


Rob said...

How was the popcorn? That is what I want to know.