Before Debbie and Salih

A post before Debbie and Salih get here.

I eat at this place a lot and sometimes take out from here. This is gong bao ji ding a.k.a. kung pao chicken. it is $1.30 for this

went to a karaoke place near my house. its weird its in a residential district in the middle of nowhere but there were tons of people there. it was like $5 for 7 hrs of singing and an all you can eat buffet crazy! and the girls wear these mini capes. there is probably a word for these.

good stuff for the vegitarians like bob. too bad we didnt eat the many yummy things wrapped in tofu bob!

this is the reason i moved to china. i took a break from working to eat dinner. me and my roomate rode down the street to eat at this sidewalk makeshift street food place that seems pretty poppin all the time. the food was good, lots to choose from, and lots to try. super cheap too. I mean it is .088 cents per stick, that is less than a penny! It is awesome that i am able to roll down the street on a warm spring night, drink a beer, experience some new stuff, experience new food, talk about china and culture and life with my roomate and then go back home and work. One of the reasons i came here is so the boring parts of life would be a new experience, things like riding the subway, eating dinner, walking home, all that stuff is just building up my experience points.

a bad thing though is how bad the air is here. here you can physically see that. I cleaned this off a few days ago and now look at it. coming in through the window.

on the other hand look at how spotless this subway track is. you could go to sleep down there. In new york if you did that you would be soaked in p!ss, have aids, and be a host mother to a family of rat babies. come to think of it i haven't see 1 rat in Beijing. Yoon said this was one of the cleanest cities he has seen and i have to agree.

I like how one of the big magazines in china is "Table Tennis World". and they love basketball here.

the University of Science and Technology has a huge mao statue. he is less fat and a lot taller than i remember him because i did have the chance to meet the man on several occasions when i was a foreign correspondant Life magazine. Oh wait that wasn't me i forgot.