Spring make Jason no want Die.

It's amazing what a change in the weather can do. Spring is here in Beijing and suddenly everything is ok. Let me list the ways. I have basically been trapped in my apartment all winter because it is so g darn cold outside. it is also freezing in my poor apartment. i live in fear of dying everyday. Now that its warm i can actually ride my bike around without losing fingers or my weiner! i can actually go down the street to eat everyday instead of nibbling on bread and ramen. I can open the window and see the sun shine(and let pollution and dust, lots of dust in). I can practice kung fu outside. I can explore. ride through the hutongs. Somehow it has lifted my spirits as it always does. Spring, my main man. I am enjoying it while i can because in a month it will be ballz hot and you will see a post full of complaints about that.

So I finally got more of these Bruce Lee shirts made, with my friend Angel's company in Beijing. Now's your chance! You can have some of Jason.......'s art rubbing all over your body all day long! there are only like 36 out of 50 left! they are supposed to be about the same sizes as american apparel if that helps. you can buy them on etsy and the shipping is like $8 from Beijing.


The brand is called "UGK" http://www.loveugk.com/

my shirts in the front of the store in Sanlitun across from bar blu, cheers, le petite gourmond, etc...

my roomate getting her bike fixed. there are tons of these guys everywhere, cuz there are tons of bikes. so cheap. replacing a tube is like 2 dollars.


I finally played badmitton for the first time since highschool, probably junior or senior year when my gym class partner Dave Hooper and I won our gym class badmitton tournament. It was a momentous moment for us to hoot and holler and jump around because we were both non team sports playing jerks and we beat out all the jocks too. ok now you can make fun of us. too bad it wasn't a manly sport like shuffle board that we won. I still got some fire in me, although I played mostly girls. anyway it's pretty crazy how its so popular here. look at those ingenious side mounted hanging light fixtures!

the equipment was for real! look at this shuttlecock. it has like real fake feathers! and the rackets were feather light. all the better for slamming on girls, which i did in high school. i am a jerk

that is a lot of kimchi. bad kimchi. i haven't had good korean food in china yet, and i dont want to go to those super expensive places either. Korean food here is super salty, super watered down, and a p!ss poor attempt at what might be my fave food in the universe.

we finally got an "Aiyi" or maid to come to our house and clean it. Actually my roomate did because she is so f'ing lazy. she has never cleaned our aptment, I always have. but I don't think i will anymore when it cost $4 for her to clean the whole place in 2 hrs. Still I was raised as a hard worker, and the thought of someone cleaning my house for me makes me kind of ashamed. thats why all you get is her hand in this shot. I was terrified and ashamed for 2 hrs when she came. our place was reaaaal dirty.

another thing to be ashamed of is after that we had mcdonald's deliver our dinner. they came in 10 minutes. at least it was because i had a wicked deadline and am not fat and lazy. It is a 24 hr mcdees too. I know we will be having more of this show up at our door. the delivery fee is $1

I had to pay $650 to change my visa from L to F, meaning tourist to business. it really stings. the alternative was leave the country and probably get handed a 1 month visa. at least i got a 6 month visa and didnt have to leave. the visa agencies here "work their magic" and in a week you have a new visa.

where did this guy get straight up logs?

you can't really see in this pic that well but see those white blobs? there are lots more of them that were moving too fast for the camera to capture. they are huge floating seeds of some sort. it looked like it was snowing. I have developed allergies in the last 3 years and days like this are awesome for my nose.

speaking of allergies, my pal Jerry Liu has wicked debilhitating allergies. Now that he has joined this Chinese shred/thrash/futuristic dragonslayer rock band he has enough money to get those allergy shots.

jason like shiny

think these are all dead?

this guy is no match for me I will defy his rainbow colored athuority and cross as I please. he is not concerned about my safety. I am hurt. On the inside.


Richard the Tech Weenie said...

Gots my Bruce Lee Tee's. They make me hot just to think they have your Art on them... I will have to send you pics of me wearing just the shirt!