Meet the Parents

The Parents finally came to Beijing. It is the most opposite from their world you can get. they stayed for a week in a traditional courtyard hotel. My dad's knee is really bad and he's had surgery on it like over 10 times but like dad's do he kept saying its ok. I'm sure it is killing him now.

I made a crappy computer print of my parents faces for their arrivals gate sign because i am a jerk.

Jet lag

yuyuetan park to see the cherry blossoms.

Japanese "sakura"

and more Japanese "sakura"

baby chickens

see all that white stuff? it was in the air and rolling around on the ground everywhere this week. seeds from some tree. very bad for allergies and even just walking because it gets in your eyes. awesome.

my buddy Eric "Fu" Concepcion worked on this Coke project. he is a 3D and motion graphics guy. he told me they had to rent out an additional building to have room for all the people they had to hire to finish this short movie.

one of those birds you always here around here tethered

great wall. the Mutianyu section. it is easier and more reconstructed than the section i went to this summer. it is funny to see my mom holding on to the side of the wall at all times.

for some reason I like seeing my parents here, with the vast lands of China in the background

there is this chute car thing at the end to get down the mountain. shouldn't have let mom go first she went slow and held everyone else up.

when life imitates art. my bruce lee icecream t-shirt comes to life in one horrible milisecond at the forbidden city.

some new kind of pepsi product ho's in sanlitun!

this was at beihai park. he is holding a baby with a lion or dragon head i think

the 1st of 9 sons of the dragon, Bixi again. this is the biggest i've seen, its at lama temple.

went to the Lao She teahouse where they have short performances of a bunch of traditional old Beijing stuff like, music, comedy acts, dancing, peking opera, kung fu, kungfu tea pouring.

i liked the peking opera part. now i have to go see a full opera. the costumes are pretty insane and pretty wild. stuff you could never dream up yourself.

we didnt understand anything that was going on in the comedy act.

this guy had this mask that was able to instantly flip down a new version of the mask. there must have been at least 10 different masks in that thing. he would shake his head and a new mask weould pop down over the old one. how cool would it be to have one of those as a kid?

So i can't believe that the parents actually came to china and tried everything, even tripe. hopefully i can get them to come to japan next year. they were very accepting of everything so i have a good chance.


Rob said...

Do you have more pictures of them in front of Chinese things? Love the picture of Mom and Dad on the slide. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Your dad looks like a dork!

Pop said...

I've been out of the country about 10 times!

Richard "FIT" said...

Hey love the new pics of the parents... kinda figured your brother and you just budded off of some old Hiroshima mold culture or something. Talking about dropping ice cream... where is my T-shirts?