Yoon in Beijing

Usually I go in chronological order with the pictures but since Yoon (my old roomate from Yonsei Korea and for 3 months in NY) came to visit me in Beijing I might as well go in reverse just so if you thought that maybe there might be a chance that he didnt fall asleep this time you will be spared the suspense.

a very long night of Karaoke, i'm talking 6 hrs worth and going home at 7am. a bunch of people fell asleep. but too yoon's defense i feel asleep at karaoke in Korea last time i went (so did he but you have to come to expect that by now, hahahaha). Happy trails Yoon. hopefully i'll see you in korea this summer.

so as with most of me and yoon's meetings it is filled with partying and drinking and karaoke and eating and all that good stuff.

went to see our friendn Nick's band play at What! bar and there was this cool monkey king drawing on the wall. makes me want to do a monkey king illustration now.

late night roasted fish on ghost street

a fat western guy who was speaking in that broken english that some people use to talk to chinese people. He also had that attitude that everything was for sale and even wanted to buy one of their shopping bags. he was pretty rediculous. he also got his weirdo asian girlfriend to wear one of those cowboy hats. all the people working there were laughing at him. I was too dumbstruck to laugh.

the two guys you love to hate.

the drum tower in the distance.

these are now on the wall next to my front door downstairs. what are they phone numbers for?

i finally bought a new steed. $45 for the bike, circle lock, and basket. it only has one gear like most bikes. me and yoon rode bikes around for 2 days basically. riding bikes around beijing is the best thing you can do.