March Un-Madness

Some people have been wondering where i have been and why there have been no new blog entries. well I have been working and tending to other life tasks which is good for my bank account but bad for people who want to see cool stuff on this blog. for the last 2 weeks i've basically spend most of my waking hours making artwork which is the enjoyable side of the business so at least it was 2 weeks well spent.

went with ryan, erica, and her friend to some golf range. it was'nt very good. erica's friend broke a club head and they kicked us out. it's ok we were done anyway.

there is a huge underground market and surrounding shopping area i've never been to in the west of beijing by the zoo. me and angel went there with her two friends from work so they could show us the ropes. after 1 hr we were destroyed and could shop no more. i came out of there with a pair of shorts and angel with a bag full of stuff but the other girls had lots more and stayed for who knows how long.

it was a pleasant surprise to come outside of the madenss to find this. tons of people flying kites. angel says that thing in the back is like something that russia and china built together. anyway there were almost too many kites, tons with their string broken blowing around, people getting hit in the head, and a lot of really fake looking doremon kites.

on to the zoo. they have like 14 pandas at the beijing zoo! and there is no waiting in line for an hr like in DC

i kind of like this. Chinese Burger's Home. like it's the den of a cuddly furry little chinese burger all warm and snug inside. actually that sounds gross which is why i didn't go there! also because it looks like the signs were printed 7 yrs ago and i know better now not to eat at places like this. you will probably end up getting a mayonnaise burger, like what i got at the place behind my subway station when i didn't know better a day earlier.

all i got was blurry shots of pandas because my camera sucks. you guys didnt want to see amazingly cute pictures of stuff like 4 pandas all laying on top of each other on a lazy sunday afternoon anyway did you?

too bad she let go of the leash right as i took the pic.

the new 100s have this thing that does this under a black light

look who it is! it's Jenny Shin from SUNY Albany! she called me randomly friday and said she was in beijing on business. She also said her minor was math and that she used to see bob around the math dept all the time. Say hi bob!

when i moved in to my apt in november they were starting construction on these things. i hear them working at all hrs of the night and day because its right next to my house

they opened a dumpling and xiao long bao place next to my house and i love those guys so i am happy about it. 60 cents for 10.

golf range again. this one was a lot better. nothing got broken and my drives are getting better. that is better for a caveman who hits it as hard as possible and the arrary of angles that it goes in is pretty rad. Anyway i am ready for screen golf next time i go back to korea.
who is this guy? looks like some good illustration material for me.